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We just got home from our trip to Cozumel. We dove 5 days with Alison. She is the best dive master we have ever gone diving with. We watched her be incredibly patient and nurturing with the newbies. She is a lot of fun and relaxed, yet always watchful of every diver. Her boat, the Maximus, is indeed FAST and comfortable. The boat captain. Carlos, is great. They are the Dynamic Duo. We have been diving in many countries and diving with Alison in Cozumel is the best. We are already planning our next dive trip to Cozumel. Looking forward to diving with Alison again.

Barbara Jones
Skip Spoonts

Crowley, TX - Thursday, July 31, 2014

My friends Carey, Parker and myself returned from Cozumel along with our families on Monday, July 8, 2013. While in Cozumel, we dove with Alison. I have been diving with Alison over the past 11 years. My experiences are great. There are many choices in Cozumel, but I won't dive in Cozumel unless I am diving with Alison. She is extremely trust worthy, patient, safe, and knows her stuff. We did a total of four dives over two different days. Alison may not believe this, but she is as patient with divers today as she was the first time I met her 11 years ago. She is truly a pro in her profession. Alison, thanks again for taking care of us and we look forward to seeing you soon. As always, we were sad to leave Alison and the Island of Cozumel.

David McSwain
Stillwater, OK - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I was in Cozumel in April 2013. Being a less experienced diver, I wanted a small group and a shallow dive. Allison delivered exactly as she outlined. The dives were terrific, and the service from Orlando and Carlos was fantastic. The equipment was set up, they assisted with gear, offered advice, everything I could have hoped for. The pre-dive instructions and gear checks were thorough, and the equipment was in great shape. Expecting a few less experienced divers, she brought along Orlando, an additional dive master ! Another notable thing that impressed me was that Allison returned email messages very timely, answering any questions I had while arranging this trip. If anyone in my local dive shop asks for a recommendation for who to dive with in Cozumel, I would gladly recommend her ! Thank you Alison, my dives with you were the highlight of the week!

Greensburg, PA - Friday, May 10, 2013

The Best!

We had such a great time with Alison on our dives. Teri had just been certified and was really tentative. But she's now very comfortable and I think she owes it all to Alison's careful watch full coaching. It just doesn't get any better! I can't begin to count the fish, turtles and sea life we saw. I never knew Cozumel was this great or I would have come here sooner. We are already planning our next trip in May to Cozumel and will only dive with Alison.

Gay Crocker
Texas, USA - Monday, January 09, 2012

On October 21, 2011, my wife and I were on a cruise ship, Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas, and chose to Dive with Alison in lieu of using the ship's dive operator. Fortunately, that was the right decision to make. Along from the many recommendations I found for Alison, it was the e-mail conversations we exchanged in advanced that locked us in. It was our first time diving in Cozumel. She instructed us what to expect once we arrived at the dock, provided the estimated taxi cost to the marina, and helped us prepare in advance by providing me with current water temperatures (over 80 F), so there were no surprises. Her e-mail conversations really provided a personalized feeling of service that continued all through the day of diving.

The diving was the best we had ever experienced. The reefs were plentiful, colorful, and we encountered the largest fish in our experience. What really made Alison's operation great were:

  1. Small Groups, no more than 8 and we had 8 on our day
  2. Equipment set up and take down
  3. Refreshments during the surface intervals
  4. Most importantly, dive profiles based on your air consumption and not time limited

We dove Palancar Reef, Dalila Reef, and Paradise Reef. That's right, I forgot to mention that we were able to prearrange with Alison a 3-tank dive based on our cruise ship schedule. It was nice to have the drinks of bottled water and soda after surfacing to quench the thirst, however, it was the long dive profiles that I found sets Alison apart from all my prior experiences. Being under water over an hour is not uncommon and she safely allowed each party to safely surface based on their own air consumption.

Thank you Alison and thank you Carlos (her boat captain) for a great day of diving. Your operation is truly professional and well organized. I wouldn't hesitate to contact you again the next time we find ourselves diving in Cozumel. I look forward to future dives with you and Carlos.

Tony and Liz Gonzalez
Salt Lake City, UT USA - Friday, October 21, 2011

Best Dive Ever! Cathy and I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful dive we had with you yesterday. After not diving for a few years it was a real blessing to find someone that would take the time to give us a refresher and to spend the extra time keeping a close eye on Cathy as she was a wee bit anxious. Now that's service!

The diving was spectacular and the visibility was incredible. We have done dives in Tobago and Malaysia at Pulau Payar but the water here was so much clearer and the colours were much more vibrant. We dove the Palancar reef on our first dive and then after a break we got to go to "Alison's Favorite Dive" which was awesome. We got to see parrots, queen triggerfish, angels, butterflies, tangs and trumpetfish but the feeding turtles, the wall of sardines, the barracuda, the spotted ray and the gorgeous coral garden made it all the more special.

Thank you, Alison, and also, a big thank you to Carlos for being a great help and a fine captain!

Doug and Cathy Campbell
Vancouver, Canada - Monday, October 10, 2011

In mid-September 2011, I went with Alison for my first ocean dives after just getting SCUBA certified a couple of weeks prior. My dive buddy had dived with her several times before and highly recommended her for enthusiasm and memorable diving experiences. On this trip, there were four of us and we did nine dives, including a night dive, and all were awesome! It was very relaxed and comfortable and everyone got a voice in what we did. Alison found tons of creatures, including sea turtles, rays, eels, nurse sharks and octopuses. Whenever I couldn't see what everyone was looking at, she would make sure to keep pointing it out for me until I saw it too. The atmosphere on the boat is great and there is a lot of personal attention. I would definitely dive with Alison and Carlos again. Thanks for a great diving experience!!

Annandale, VA USA

Between Nov. 11 and 16, I had 6 consecutive days of diving with Alison and Carlos. Though I had dived with Alison many times since 1999, it was my first time diving from the beautiful 2-year-old dive boat "Maximus". All 12 dives were over one hour long with a few of them close to 90 minutes. A bit insane. I guess that anywhere in the world there is very very few dive operators who allow customers to dive as long as they like to. During my upcoming dive trip I will learn a new underwater breathing technique from my dive buddy who is an excellent diver from Florida and a Qigong Master both for topside and underwater practices . The technique that he uses can improve our underwater breathing rate up to 100%, which means when I come back, I would be able to beat Gary and stay up to 2 hours in a dive to The Devil Throat and much longer elsewhere. That may sound a little scary, as Carlos will have to watch my orange SMB until his neck becomes totally stiff.

Merry Christmas, Alison & Carlos!

Anthony Man <scubaproman@gmail.com>
November 11-16, 2010

Diving with Alison was the highlight of our Cozumel trip!

A little background first. My dive buddy, Kevin, and I are purely recreational vacation divers. We hit someplace in the Caribbean each year, twice if we’re lucky. We’ve dove, (dived?), in Jamaica, St. Lucia, Grand Cayman, Bermuda, Turks & Caicos, Riviera Maya, etc. We have to “barter” with the wives for the # of dive days that we’re “allowed” on these vacations. We’re both AOW certified. We’re skilled enough to not bounce off the coral. Though we’ll never be confused with Mike Nelson, (the crime fighting Scuba diver of “Sea Hunt” fame) and given the amount of diving that we actually do, we’re okay divers.

We stayed at the Wyndham resort, and were originally going to dive with the resident dive-op. After talking to a few fellow divers, and exhaustive research, on-line, I leaned toward going with Alison instead. After a few e-mail exchanges with Alison, that clinched it. She was prompt, funny and informative. We decided to dive with her. One of the best decisions of the trip.

Her boat, the Maximus, is set up nicely. A couple of twin Yamaha 200’s and the close proximity to the dive-sites make it the perfect vessel for a great day of diving. The fact that Alison only takes 8 divers, (max), makes it even better. The Maximus picked us up right on time from the Wyndham dock, (quite a surprise in the Caribbean). The mate, Carlos, whipped the boat perfectly along side the dock, and Alison threw the line and lassoed the piling from quite some distance, pulled the boat snugly along the pier and had us and our gear on the boat in no time. I have to hand it to Alison, if she ever hangs up her fins, she can probably find work at a rodeo, given the way she nailed the pilings with her boat line each time. We picked up a few more divers from various hotels nearby.

Kevin & I hadn’t dived since ’08, and we made sure to tell her so. She said “no problem”. Kevin wasn’t sure how much weight he needed, so Alison guessed, and pretty much nailed it. She gave a thorough and informative dive-briefing. She also lets you dive your air/computer, which is big. Basically, once a diver hits the agreed upon pressure, they would inform Alison, and she would release her SMB from her spool, and stay with that diver for the safety stop, and make sure that that diver ascended safely. The divers buddy could then team up with another diver until it was time for them to ascend. From what I was told, the onsite dive-op, made all the divers ascend after the first diver reached 800-700psi. That sucks. Even to an air-hog like me. Fortunately, my dive buddy and I suck air at about the same pace, so it worked out great for us.

Since we were pretty far south of the marina, we were close to a lot of the prime dive spots. Unfortunately, I can not remember all of the names of the dive sites,(mas tequila!!) or the order, I’ll throw a few out there that I think we dove, Palancar Gardens, Palancar Horseshoe, Columbia Shallows. Again, I think these are the spots. All I know is that that we saw a few nurse sharks, several turtles, some rays, lobsters and lots and lots of fish. We dove some walls, and some wonderful swim-throughs. The surface-intervals were laid-back and we never felt rushed.

After the 2nd day of diving, and on the last dive of that day, I had some ringing in my ears, that persisted until our last day of diving. On that day, the ringing had toned down quite a bit, but I told Alison about it so she would be aware. We had a brief discussion about it and reviewed the signs to use and had a plan in the event that I had to thumb the dive. That made me feel very comfortable. Fortunately, I didn’t have any ear problems during the dive, and she constantly checked on me, motioning to her ears to inquire as to how my ears were feeling during the dive. She was also kind enough to suggest that we do very shallow dive, ~25’, because of my ears. The other divers were good with that and, as an added bonus, you get tons of dive-time because you don’t use very much air on such a shallow dive. It’s basically a very extended safety stop. That dive site was called Columbia Shallows and all of the divers loved it. Over an hour underwater and lots of incredible life on the reef. I got pictures of amazing sea life, turtles, rays and lots & lots of fish.

I could say so much more, but you get the idea. The bottom line is that Alison is professional, competent, kind, safe and made us feel very comfortable. We’ve utilized many dive-ops over the year and Alison is one of the best. I defy anyone reading this testimonial to find a negative review on Alison and her dive-op. Let me make it easy for you. You won’t.

Thanks Alison, for a wonderful time!

Rick Poch < rpoch2@verizon.net>
Glen Burnie, MD USA - Saturday, August 14, 2010

My husband has been diving with Alison on trips to Cozumel since 2002. I decided to take my scuba diving course from him this year (he's an SSI and PADI instructor). I needed the Open Water Checkout dives and he suggested we go to Cozumel and ask Alison to complete my certification. I was very apprehensive and kept thinking I was either very brave or extremely stupid to take up diving at my age (over 60).

We scheduled the time with Alison far enough in advance so she was fortunately available. I can't say enough about how professional, kind, attentive and understanding Alison was! I thought she was incredibly patient and she was an excellent teacher! She took extra time with me and by the end of the week, I was an official, certified diver!! The checkout dives were actually fun, thanks to Alison, and my confidence improved with each dive.

If it weren't for Alison's exceptional skill and calm, helpful, demeanor as an instructor, I would have thrown in the towel after the first open water dive. She put me at ease almost instantly and I will be forever grateful!!

My husband and I will continue to dive with Alison every time we go to Cozumel!! We both recommend her and Carlos without reservation!! They rock!!

Vonnie Kane < vonbk@aol.com>
Lenexa, Kansas - August 29, 2010

I wanted to check in and say muchas gracias one more time for making the SCUBA part of our vacation in Cozumel a really fun, enjoyable time. You and Carlos are a good team. You provided the type of dive operator service we were looking for. Thorough, attention to detail, good instruction and fun and easy-going at the same time.

You guys worked hard to maximize our enjoyment and bottom time and we appreciate it. I am impressed with your patience and good nature in working with our family as new / inexperienced and infrequent rusty divers. We enjoyed and appreciated the good boat, too. Maximus is a good combination of size, speed, comfort. Carlos makes it look easy, and he made the drop offs and pick ups easy for us.

Steve Hart
Cartersville Georgia

We just returned from our 31st trip to Cozumel and 18th time diving with Alison. I guess we must like it. The weather was hot for early May, low 90's, but the diving was fantastic. We did Columbia Shallows, our favorite, twice and loved it. Paradise was also great as were most of the sites. We like to stay on top for photographing and the only disappointing site is the top of Palancar gardens which was spectacular before Wilma. We saw more turtles than usual and some were cooperative for photo ops.

Alison and Carlos were great as normal, more like good friend and congenial hosts than a dive operation. Alison is very accommodating and all the divers seemed well satisfied. We had great divers and enjoyed the surface times.

If anyone has questions email me at comanken@aol.com

Ken and Judy Coman < comanken@aol.com>
Helena, MT - Saturday, May 15, 2010

As you know we tried in vain to book you in Jan for one day off of a cruise ship. Even though we booked ahead for our Feb. trip we only got to dive with you two days instead of five as we wanted.

Our dives with you got off to a rocky start due to weather conditions but our second day was splendid. I would recommend your services to anyone who wanted the very personal service that you offer. I would also recommend that anyone would be smart to book far in advance since you book up fast You are a blast to be around above and below the surface.

Vern Smith < mrtrvlman@aol.com>
Skiatook, OK - Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi Alison,
Well this is just a bit tardy but I wanted to let you know how much Rob, I and the girls (Megan and Hannah) enjoyed diving and snorkeling with you a couple weeks ago.

It was great for Megan to see a WOMAN in charge of her own operation and a WOMAN expert diver and a WOMAN so organized and good at what she does !!

Don't know if you knew (he does not like to advertise it recreationally) but Rob is a Dive Master and was thoroughly impressed with the way you handled all the various divers that one day just the 2 of us were with you- the girl who had not been diving in …. Oh just 14 years…… and the girl who needed time clearing her ears, etc…… and the missed cruise ship and seamless adjustments you made. We really like your style and diving with you. We will hopefully be back in the next 2 years and we will definitely plan our diving with you and your awesome crew.

Count your blessings to not be freezing right now : )

Thanks again,
Susan Weeren
Friday, January 15, 2010

Judy and I returned from our 30th trip to Cozumel and 17th with Alison. The weather was great for December but returning to below zero temps is hard on the system. Carlos and Alison were fantastic as usual. Alison caters to the divers and is especially good with new divers. The long shallow dives are our favorites and she tries to fit in as many as possible. Columbia Shallows and Paradise seem to have returned to pre-Wilma condition. Carlos keeps us entertained with his jokes and stories. We have already booked a May trip.

If anyone has questions email me.

Ken & Judy < comanken@aol.com>
Helena, MT - Friday, December 11, 2009


I have been diving with Alison for approximately 7 years.   My wife and I returned yesterday from a five day trip to Cozumel.  My experience of diving includes the Baja, Bermuda, Mainland Mexico, the Bahamas and of course Cozumel.  Again, I keep coming back to Cozumel and Alison.  As far as I am concerned, Alison provides an experience that is very difficult to duplicate.  I have been diving in a few places and I have yet to experience the safety, the comrade, the diving, and the people on her boat.  When I dive with Alison, her colleagues, and her customers, you truly hate to go home.  You truly hate to get off the boat and you truly hate to leave Cozumel.

If you are a new diver, Alison takes the time to make you feel very safe and guides you to comfort in the water.  She takes safety very serious and she makes sure that you have every opportunity to succeed at diving and enjoy it.  Alison is very observant in everyone on her boat.  She points out the critters that new divers are unfamiliar with.  She will let you experience diving with, in my opinion, the best dive operation and instructor I have come across in the industry.

If you are an experienced diver and trying to research a dive operation to contract in Cozumel and you go onto a different dive operation, you just missed an opportunity of a life time to dive with the best.  She truly should be honored an award for excellence, safety, and providing what I would consider to be the very best.  I know that there are good dive operators out there, but until you have been diving with Alison, you haven’t experienced the best yet.  She will provide within her control some of the best opportunities to see things that you will not experience elsewhere.  Words can’t and won’t be able to express the great experience you will have when diving with Alison.  It is truly something you have to experience to understand what all of her customers are testifying to on this website.

If you want to dive with the best, then IT IS A GRAVE MISTAKE TO DIVE WITH ANYONE ELSE!  If you need any more references to my experiences, please email me directly, I will share all my experiences.  If you ever read a bad review on Alison or Scuba With Alison, then that person is off their rocker.

Alison, thanks for the friendship, the dives and the experiences over the years.  You are the reason I keep going back to Cozumel rather than chasing new ones.

David McSwain < diver7752@suddenlink.net>
Stillwater, OK, USA - Thursday, November 19, 2009

WOW! What an awesome experience

We had an awesome experience with Alison!! Our 15 year old daughter did her open water certification with Alison and we were so impressed. Alison was very knowledgeable about the different courses and made our daughter feel very comfortable in the water. She made sure the rest of the dive group got the experience they wanted and yet still got our daughter's skills in and kept our daughter feeling part of the group. By our 3rd day, Ali (our daughter shares the same name with Alison) was certified and a diving enthusiast! We have dove with other shops on the island before, but we will be returning to dive with Alison. Small, safe, and personal! Thanks, Alison! Orlando and Carlos, too!!! Hope to see you again soon!!

Pam, Ali, & Dr. Nils Foley < basecampfoley@aol.com>
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just a quick note to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed diving with Alison last week. This was our first trip together since being certified over the winter. Alison made it a trip to remember – professional, safety focused and kept it fun for all.

Over three days of diving, Alison showed us the great variety that Cozumel diving has to offer. I am certain that we’ll be back diving with Alison many more times to come – hopefully we’ll get that hard to pin down night dive on the calendar.

Don Jefferis <djefferis@opportune.com>
The Woodlands, Texas - Monday, June 15, 2009

We just returned from our 29th trip to Cozumel and the 16th with Alison. The diving was great as were Alison and Carlos. The highlight of the diving was a dive on Columbia Shallows when two mother dolphins and two babies swam by Judy and I. There were no cruise ships the entire week which was great for us but bad for the locals. Many of the stores were closed. The cabbies were desperate for business and we had a cabby pick us up at our hotel every morning to take us to the Caleta and the on the last day drive us to the airport. He was a very nice man with interesting stories. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Ken Coman <comanken@aol.com>
Helena, Montana - Thursday, May 21, 2009

We had our first Cozumel dive trip in March-April and are extremely happy that we chose Alison rather than diving with the resort dive op where we stayed. Diving with Alison and Carlos was a fun and memorable experience. Alison makes you feel like an old friend from the first greeting. We were picked up at the resort pier and on our way to the best diving we have had to date.

Safety was foremost and Alison ensured that everyone on the boat knew what to expect, no matter what their dive experience. She and her boat captain Carlos are a great team and ensured that everyone had fun and had a chance to see whatever marine life they requested if possible. Two of the days, another divemaster, Tony, came along. While we worked on our Deep Diver specialty with Alison, he stayed shallower with the other divers. He was professional, fun and a great addition to the team.

Working on additional specialties and getting other certifications is a breeze with Alison. She is a great instructor and my husband and I both feel we learned a lot from her not only in respect to the specialty but also diving in general.

We plan to return to Cozumel and will dive with Alison and her crew every time. We look forward to our next trip to Cozumel. See you then Alison!

Carrie and Jim Gust <jimcarriegust@verizon.net>
Twin Lake, MI - Saturday, April 25, 2009

My brother Chris, sister Debbie and I all did a two tank dive with Alison and Carlos, along with new dive buddy friends David Tim and Craig. Some of the other divers were repeat customers...which immediately gave us an idea of what to expect on our first excursion with Alison and Carlos. We had a quick boat ride (read note on maximus below) to the Cedral wall and Palancar Bricks dive sites, got briefed, set up and jumped into the clear water. We were treated to loads of turtles..one HUGE one that allowed us to slowly approach to within arms length. We enjoyed seeing a large Grouper, Nurse shark, and the myriad of tropical reef fish typical of the area. I found a flounder I had never seen before, about 12 inches long, appeared to be colored a light blue green with iridescent blue rings that I was able to point out to my sister as we were drifting by. A great two tank trip in a new location for us!

The crew:
Carlos - Knew exactly where to put the boat safely and accurately for dive entry and exit, and assist with dive gear. Alison - Easy to get in touch with, responsive to questions and email, professional, and fun to dive with. Ensured safety first, and an enjoyable dive at a great price. She adjusted the dive brief/dive supervision and plan to the experience level of the divers. She even had lotion for us to use to prevent the minor irritation on our neck from the non lethal jellyfish in the area that day (the stuff, whatever it was, worked like a champ..never felt them). The Maximus - Nice fast ride! Choppy water but it was a good setup for a quick ride to the dive spots-we still outran every other dive boat I saw (at least 6 other). We had six divers onboard, and that worked out well vs the bigger boats I've been on with crowds of divers.

Other observations: Alison will coordinate a pickup for divers at locations on the way. This works out well if you are staying south of Caleta Marina at a location with a dock, and with the Maximus' speed our one pickup was not an issue in any way. For cruise ship visitors like us, it was 7 bucks and only a few minutes by cab to get to the Maximus and push out for the dive. After our morning dives, we had plenty of time for some shopping and eating (and knock-you-on-your butt Margaritas) before the cruise departure.

Alison and crew thanks again for a great dive set. Expect a call from us the next time we're out in Cozumel!
David Shintaku
Yorktown, Virginia - Friday, April 17, 2009

I have been diving with Alison for a number of years and always had a fantastic time. She and Chucho are so much fun to dive with, I'm not ever considering to go with someone else. They are totally safety-oriented, keep the groups small, and take you to all the best locations. Hey Alison, Congrats on the new boat! You are moving up in the world, and it couldn't happen to a nicer person!
Ursula Eissner
Manitoba, Canada - Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks for the great diving! Alison, Thank you for such an awesome diving experience! I especially appreciated your help in getting Kara to overcome her nervousness about diving. I wasn't sure she would go through with it but you made her confident she would be okay. You and Carlos were so accommodating and kind. Special thanks for the needle and fishing line! Our dive bag is better than new! It made it all the way home. I'll only be diving with you when we return to the island! To anyone who is thinking of booking a reservation with Alison, all I can say is don't put it off! She and her crew are the best!
Jeff Fishbaugh
Omaha, NE - Friday, January 02, 2009

Judy and I just returned from our 28th trip to Cozumel and 15th with Alison. As usual Alison and Carlos were great. The visibility was not great on several days but the diving was still good. Judy had read on Alison's log about a hammerhead siting in November and requested that Alison let him out of the pen. On the last dive day on Palancar Gardens, Judy and I were in 25 feet of water when a dive master from another group came swimming to us pointing in the distance. We swam to where he was pointing and a ten foot hammerhead swam by us. I tried to catch him but only closed the distance to 30 feet and didn't get a picture. An awesome experience. We also saw a large turtle munching on a sponge on the last dive. Several large angels circled waiting for scraps. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
Ken & Judy<Ken Coman>
Helena, MT - Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alison, Thank you once again for a perfect vacation. You, Carlos and the Maximus are THE perfect combination. You always exceed our expectations, starting with your safety briefing and dive plan, through two great dives, and concluding with the drop-off at the Iberostar. I wanted to thank your other guests like Jay and Carla; and Chris and Marcie, for being such good company. CJ and I trust and cherish you and your crew. Hope to be back soon. We love you man! December 2008.
Vince Lupo
Lakeville, MN - Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alison: I just wanted to thank you for a great week of diving. For our first diving trip we could not have picked anyone better. You are a real professional we safety was a priority. My two sons and I looked forward to each new dive site. The highlight was when Matt "stumbled" on the two nurse sharks. We are now addicted and can't wait to go again. We are hoping to do advanced in the spring and maybe take another trip to Cozumel late next summer. If so we will look forward to diving with you and Carlos again. Best Regards,
Matt, Eric and Rick Ranzinger
Meriden, CT - Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey Alison, Linda and I finally want to thank you for the incredible time we had diving with you and Chucho back in June. Actually I am the one to blame for the belated testimonial...I just haven't been able to shake myself out of vacation mode and do anything productive! I cannot thoroughly express in words how much Linda and I enjoyed our experience with you...but I will try. I only ask for patience from you and your other viewers for the rambling that is about to commence! Linda and I both feel spoiled after diving with you all and can't actually imagine using another operation...unless you really didn't like us and just put on a good face, or you are too booked, you will have to see our happy glowing faces many more times in the future. As very new divers, we both greatly appreciated the way you and Chucho looked after our safety. The anticipation and nervousness we started out with was completely gone after our first dive. We had only signed up for three days initially, but we had such a great time that we ended up diving with you all for seven days and one night. You all made us feel completely comfortable and we never felt like we were treated any differently than the experienced divers. You were so great and patient when Linda had her little underwater issue and Chucho was the same when I had mine. Even those very minor little incidents showed what a great operation you run...instead of making us feel bad or foolish for them, because of the way you and Chucho handled them, we were actually able to learn something from them. With you and Chucho always on the lookout and quick to point things out, we got to see all the incredible marine life we could ask for and then some. Everyday, Linda and I talk about all the fantastic dives we went on, with the night dive probably being our favorite, and all of the amazing coral and marine life we got to see. In addition to making sure we were safe and got to see so many beautiful things, both of you also took the time during the actual dives to give us some small instructional tips and help that has helped us improve our diving abilities...that is probably second nature to both of you and I bet neither one of you even realizes that you do it, but the little personal things like that make a huge impact on your customers. To us, the time spent with you all out of the water (before, between, and after the dives), was just as great as the time spent in the water with you all. We both really enjoyed just hanging out and talking with you and Chucho. All the personal touches you bring to your operation are what stood out the most to us. We always appreciated the cold waters, the cold soda, the cold, delicious fruit, and of course, the most delicious of them all, the incredibly tasty chocolate donuts that were provided between and after the dives. I think I ate about my body weight in those donuts after you introduced them to me. You may have heard my wetsuit zipper starting to scream those last couple of dives! Even the small, somewhat secluded little beach you all use for the surface interval adds to the enjoyment. That was such a beautiful and relaxing place to hang out between dives. In addition to you and Chucho being fantastic, your boat captains, Carlos and the Enigma II captain who's name we just cannot remember were also great. We appreciate them not only for getting us to and from the dive sites safely and then watching out for us from above while we dove, but also for setting up our gear extremely quickly and safely, and for the many little things they did like helping us onto the boat after a dive, storing our things safely, etc, etc. There are so many other things I could say about how great an experience we had with you all. You took two brand new divers who were nervous and unsure about diving and turned them into two people who absolutely love it...now we are constantly looking for a local place and reason to dive, sort of like two crackheads looking for the next fix, but without the crack and the fix! To us, the greatest compliment we can give is to say that we really, truly felt like we were hanging out and diving with friends. You and Chucho personally, and the way you handle your operation, have all played a role in providing us both with memories that will last a lifetime. There are so many other things I could and would love to say about just how great everything was, but I imagine you might like to leave a little room on your page for the others who write to you! Thank you so much for everything, you have two more loyal customers who couldn't imagine diving with anybody else. You all take care and we hope to see you again very soon, hopefully and possibly within the next few months...
Robert and Linda Fullerton
San Antonio, TX - Thursday, July 24, 2008

JF Huard and Family Hi Alison, This is my overdue testimonial. I just wanted to say thanks for the great diving and to let you know that you are still my #1 destination.... I am happy to share my testimonial.

We first dove with Alison back in Sep 2007. This was our first dive trip and my wife Nathalie was extremely nervous. I did a lot of research before booking the trip since I wanted to make sure Nathalie would feel safe and have a personalized experience. After many evening of research, I found Alison, an experienced female instructor that was willing to take us for a couple days and certify Nathalie one-on-one. We had the most wonderful learning experience diving with Alison. Alison helped her feel comfortable with the water and within 12 days, she cumulated 26 dives, moving from newbie to advanced and adding a drift specialty on top... Alison's experience and concern for safety inspired confidence in me and I decided to do my Rescue certification with her in Nov 2007. Again, I had a wonderful experience training with her and figuring out the rescue drills on the Maximus with Carlos and team... I decided to share the love of the sport with my family and we had the most wonderful family vacation in January 2008 when our kids got certified. I scuba dove at many different places and I can tell that Cozumel is my favorite place and I plan to return soon. It has been a great experience and an honor for me to learn from Alison and I wish her standard of excellence, safety and education were the norm....
If you want details, see my dive blogs: http://www.divebuddy.com/myblogs.aspx?MemID=5226
Thx, JF. JF Huard<JF Huard>
Oak Hill, VA - Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hi Alison, we just wanted to say thanks for the great week of diving. You and Chucho are fantastic, and we loved the small group. We always look for a small local dive operation everywhere we go, and are so happy we found you. We will return.
Art and Joely Brunson
Mckinney, TX - Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sea Turtle by Art and Joely

Nurse Shark by Art and Joely

Just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you for the great time we had on the maximus. I was a last minute addition and you were still able to accomodate me. After that you showed a ton of patience with my "slow ears" -- the dives to playancar and san francisco were fantastic and I can't wait 'til our paths cross again. You run a very professional operation. And next time I'd like to see that chucho has repaired those holes in your boat. Thanks again!
Virgil Schnock
Chicago, IL - Thursday, June 05, 2008

Alison, I want thank you for providing a wonderful dive experience on May 27th for our three children. Although they are older children (age range 23 to 18 years), it is difficult not to worry. Having only one that was a fully certified diver and the other two with only resort certificates, their diving abilities were somewhat limited. You and Carlos never made them feel any different than the four very experienced divers on the trip. Their dive experience was beyond their expectations. Our 21 year old daughter could not stop talking about the wide variety of fish and the beautiful coral reefs.

In addition, thank you for the “taxi” ride to Planacar Beach, it was the perfect way to wait for our divers to return. You run a top notch diving operation that combines professionalism and a genuine love for diving. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a superior Cozumel diving experience. We wish continued success!
Kathy Powers<Kathy Powers>
St. Louis, MO - Monday, June 02, 2008

Alison, I can’t say thank you enough for setting me up for my first ocean dives since being certified in October 2007. Setting up a reservation with you was very easy and you accommodated me in that I was arriving by cruise ship on May 5th, 2008. Chucho took wonderful care of me on my dives and because of him, I felt so comfortable in the water that I didn’t even realize we were at 50 feet. Toro showed my husband and friends who were snorkeling a great time as well. You certainly run a class act operation and I’ll never sign on to dive with anyone else whenever I return to Cozumel. You, Chucho and Toro exceeded all expectations I had and gave all of us the experience of a lifetime!!! Thank you so much!!
Pam Cass<Pam Cass>
Erie, PA - Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This was my second time to Cozumel, and my first chance to dive with Alison. I first met Alison in March of 2007 when I could do nothing more than snorkel in the beautiful waters of Cozumel. After that trip in 2007, and watching my friends 80 feet below me as I snorkeled above them, I was determined to get my certification and return again to Dive with Alison. I accomplished the certification part in October of 2007, and in April was in the warm and clear waters of Cozumel with Alison and her crew. Alison truly has the dream team working with her, and the experiences you will gain are second to none. On this trip we had planned 12 dives but were only able to accomplish 10 due to our plane arriving late. From shallow to deep, Cozumel offers it all, and diving with Alison, you are guaranteed to see it all in a safe manner with a personal touch. Things I liked best: Alison is in tune with each divers abilities, She knows the gear and will give you pointers, The dive groups are small so you don't feel lost in the crowd, Dives are limited by your air consumption rate, and not a time schedule or the first person to the safety gas level, She will give you hotel and accommodation recommendations, She picks up from most piers south of downtown, She is very responsive to emails and schedules, She takes VISA and MasterCard, If your friends don't dive, she will take them on the boat as snorkelers and will even arrange a snorkel guide to assist and keep you safe!!!!
Jon Humann<Jon Humann>
Fullerton, California - Saturday, April 26, 2008

I erred in my earlier email (Nov. 19, 2005) regarding Allison being "one of the best" dive operators I have dove with. Making numerous dives each year in the Keys and West Palm has given me a pretty good idea of the vast difference regarding dive operators in today's market. I now wish to amend my earlier email to categorically state the Allison's operation IS THE BEST!! Don't waste your time with others. Go to the person that is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck while you are in Coz...and that's Alison. Thanks again for a wonderful day we will never forget.
Curt Holleman<Curt Holleman>
Tampa, Florida - Monday, April 14, 2008

Hola Alison, I wish to thank you for helping me earn my open water PADI certification on 22, 23 Jan. 08. You and Carlos were great. You helped me overcome my fears and I was very pleased with your professionalism and knowledge. I highly endorse you as a great divemaster and when i return to Cozumel...I will only dive with Alison! Gracias and take care...shalom.
Jose' Luis Luna, Dive dates: 22, 23 Jan. 08<Jose' Luis Luna>
Nuevo, California, U.S.A. - Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dear Alison, Wow!!! Thanks for the great dives!!!! Congratulations on your fulfillment of a dream. You have a terrific dive operation and a fantastic team. As you know Lorraine and I have been certified since 1978 and have been on many dives in many different places. My compliments to your crew lead by Chucho. Since our guests received their certification only last year, they needed a dive master that would look after them and calm their fears. I don’t know if Sharon’s concerns about diving were completely erased but she did complete eight dives the deepest being over 80 feet. She could only do this if she had confidence in Chucho. On her first dive, Chucho never left her side. On the second dive he let go of Sharon’s hand only after she showed she was comfortable in the water. I’m sure that Chucho has a second sense to determine when a diver is at ease underwater. By the third dive Sharon was on her own and by her seventh dive was reaching a depth of over 80 feet. I was impressed in the way that Chucho and Jose operated their boat and took care of our equipment. Before each dive Chucho went over the dive profile and the signals that were going to be utilized on that dive even though he went over the signals on the previous dive. Then before we entered the water he made sure everyone understood the dive profile and the signals. This is the trait of a true professional. Jose Uno (#1) operated the boat and Jose Dos (#2) dove into the water with his snorkel gear after all the divers were in. Jose Dos’s job was to handle any diver that came to the surface with any problem while Chucho was under water with the other divers. I have never seen this in any other dive operation. This is a great concept you have implemented. It puts everyone on the boat at ease. I’m not sure when our next trip to Cozumel will be, but you can be sure we will be diving with “Scuba With Alison.” Thanks for a great Vacation,
Mike Cafasso<Mike Cafasso>
Claremore, Oklahoma 74019 - Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello Alison, I am sending you and Chucho and the captain who's name I have rudely forgotten bucketfuls of belated thanks. I had an absolutely lovely day and two lovely dives.

I need to first thank you for your welcome, your humor, and your patience with firstly my tardiness and scheduling mishaps, and secondly my notortiously zooey temperament.

Chucho is what the ideal divemaster should be, in my book, combining a careful, watchful, experienced eye with genuine enthusiasm and sincere friendliness. My largest complaint aimed at dive operators and perhaps specifically divemasters everywhere is the "oh, I'm way too cool for you" attitude, make sure your straps are tight and I'll just float along here yawning and make sure you don't get lost. We count you in and count you out and that's all folks. Not a shred of it with Chucho. By time we hit the water for the second dive after a truly lovely surface interval on the beach with cake and a taco option (this seriously beats bobbing along eating granola), he knew he had one diver who sucked air like a hoover on high, one with tender sinuses and one whose tummy was not happy, and he checked with all of them, all the time. On top of that carefulness came enthusiasm: he went all freaky at everything from turtles to barracuda, sharing a real honest pleasure with the undersea environment he shared with his guests.

Captain Fantastic put my glasses somewhere safe and handed them back to me when I took my mask off, before I started groping around and whining. And stashed my bag somewhere dry. This is not a small potatoes.

The dives themselves were also grand, and a great combo. Palancar, a first time for me, was wonderful - like diving in a cathedral! I spotted a big eagle ray coming around some coral promontory at the end of the dive, very cool, but also very cool to have the people you're diving with as well as the dive master all make GOAL!!! gestures at you and celebrate the beast's grandeur when you climb out, rather than telling you they saw a bigger one in Maui. Then we went to Cedral (? I'm the worst dive-recordkeeper on record) and there was a good bit of current to fly along in (I do like a flying dive), and oh MY that was a fishy dive. Grouper, I love grouper, love grouper a great deal. Orangey filefish? Toadfish? Definitely pufferfish and an octopus. A very very fine dive.

So you folks get all As from me. As long as you have room, you'll see me whenever we're in Cozumel. Thanks again, I really had a fine time.
Meg Olson
Beautiful Point Roberts, Washington - Sunday, December 30, 2007

Judy and I just returned from our 27th trip to Cozumel. This was the 14th trip we were with Alison and Carlos. The diving was great and Carlos and Alison were gracious hosts. The shallow dives, our favorites, have improved considerably with each trip. Columbia Shallows seems almost all the way back. A highlight was a huge pod of dolphins that cavorted around the boat for ten minutes. There must have been 100 and they circled the boat giving us a show. We hoped they would show up on there dive, but no such luck. had several close encounters with Eagle rays and I'm anxiously waiting for the pictures. The new boat, Maximus, is comfy and very fast. We had one brief but furious rain shower and the cabin was much appreciated. We're looking forward to our next trip in late April or early May. If you have questions, feel free to email me.
Ken Coman <Ken Coman>
Helena, MT - Thursday, December 13, 2007

Read what Alison says on the home page and believe every word of it.  We have several trips and a few classes with Alison and can't say enough about her, Chucho and Carlos.  The other testimonials will give you details, but just know that regardless of your experience in diving (we started new and have progressed considerably since then), you will know you have found not only great dive leaders, but friends as well.
Jeannie and Ted Mann<Jeannie and Ted Mann>
Evergreen, CO, 80439 - Monday, December 10, 2007

Ok... It's a secret... Alison is REALLY the very best in the world, but... shush.... don't tell her! :-) We dove with Alison in September and to say the least, we were brand new certified OW divers... I was, to say the least, a little afraid! But after reading all about Alison, we decided to go with her and I booked everything from the Laurentians! Diving with Alison... was the best experience of my life! She stayed with me the whole dives, she held my hand to reassure me (yes... I was scared of the cudas and the sharks...) and she made sure the rest of the group was also enjoying the dives! It was such a life changing experience for me! I cannot wait to get back to Cozumel in March 2008 to do my Advance with her and to dive the Devil's Throat! Carlos is an excellent dive boat captain! Always helpful, always there when we needed him (yes... I was always the first one up...)! A jewel of a team... but as I said... shush... it's a well guarded secret!!! As we say in Montreal... À la prochaine!!!
Lisa and Guy
Montreal, Canada - Tuesday, September 25, 2007

alison, chucho, carlos.. for the great diving experience for our entire family, our gratitude. three neophyte resort divers, two newbies, and two regulars and we all got exactly what we wanted and needed and more with you guys. Right out of the gate all the biggies; a huge free-swimming green eel, reef and nurse sharks, turtles, rays, barricuda, and oh those underseascapes-- 'twas splendid! and all this with the threat of [hurricane] dean over your head. you're the best.
Midge Desanders<Midge Desanders>
Dallas, Texas - Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My husband and son dove 2 days with Alison on Aug. 12Th and 13th. My husband was thrilled with her and Chucho. He said after watching the other dive operations in action he was glad they had chosen her. They felt she was so much safer! She keeps the groups smaller as to do this properly. Maybe more should be as concerned.They loved it all! And are definitely coming back! And will definitely use you again! Thank you, Alison for making their trip such a success. Keep up the great work! The Taylors.
p.s. Hope Dean misses y'all!
Susan Taylor
Rock Island, Texas - Thursday, August 16, 2007

My husband and I just got back from our first trip to Cozumel, July 14-21, 2007. We dove with Alison four days and every dive was spectacular. She is very conscientious about safety and does a good job recommending dives that will be enjoyable for all levels. We enjoyed the small groups and personal service. I don’t know how she spotted it, but she pointed out a tiny seahorse on the ocean bed. (Our first time to see one on a dive!)

Unfortunately, I had to spend one night in the hospital while in Cozumel. We called Alison and she gave us the name of the local clinic with a decompression chamber. Someone she knew came and picked us up from the hotel and took us to the clinic. Luckily, it just turned out to be inner ear problems, but Alison came by the hospital just to make sure I was okay. We really appreciated her concern and taking her time to come by and check on me. The hospital stay didn’t dampen our vacation. We dove with Alison two days later and everything was great! Thanks again Alison. We will be back soon.
Shelly and Bobby Cockrell
Denver, CO - Tuesday, July 31, 2007

DIVE TRIP JULY 8 - 13, 2007 Just got back from a dive trip with family and friends. This is actually our second time with Alison. On our first trip, a month prior, my 11 year old son took his Open Water certification course with Alison. Although my son did well and passed, he had a nose bleed at the beginning of the dive. Alison showed patience and a calming sense of humor to a stressed-out child. Thank you so very much for turning his first experience into a positive one.

I have checked out SEVERAL dive operations in Cozumel and Alison's team has to be one of the best...if not the best. First of all, Alison was quick to respond to emails when I was first planning the dive trip...quite RARE indeed! Second, she is very knowledgeable and meticulous...she thinks of everything. From the time you get into Cozumel, she is making sure you have all your luggage and gear. She is prepared to make "quick fixes" on your dive equipment. She makes accomodations for the most timid to the most daring and adventurous diver in the group. This was especially important on this last trip because our group of 8 consisted of two 11 year old boys who had to stay above 45ft and their fathers who just had to get much, much deeper. Alison arranged to have an extra dive masater on the boat and the dive sites were chosen so that you can split the group at two levels. Alison also lets each individual diver "dive their computer" so the first person to reach the 750psi limit (that would be me) doesn't have to feel so bad because everyone else has to ascend. Lastly, she is VERY safety-oriented and can also spot a panicky diver even on a night dive.
I might also add that she keeps her partner, Chucho, in line. They are really an awesome team! Everyone in our group enjoyed. Thanks again, Alison! And Chucho...Mike and Brian just loved Maracaibo...it just added that extra touch of testosterone to the trip!

Grace Kawaguchi and family (Mike,Lauren,Brandon)
Las Vegas, NV

The Reed family (Brian, Gillian, Sydney, Zach)

Houston, TX - Sunday, July 22, 2007

Judy and I just returned from our 26th trip to Cozumel with 13 diving with Alison.  The diving improves with each trip after Wilma.  Still sand on some shallow reefs, but the diving was great.  Columbia Shallows, our favorite, was loaded with huge schools of fish.  As usual Alison and Carlos were great.  Lots of long shallow dives while the rest of the divers did their thing somewhat deeper.  Palancar Garden, another favorite, was fantastic as well.  Making plans for a early December trip.  If anyone has questions, feel free to email me. We dove with a couple who had emailed some questions before their trip. 
Ken Coman
<Ken Coman>
Helena, MT - Thursday, May 03, 2007

Alison: Cozumel Thursday, December 07, 2006trip March 19th-31st. What can I say that I haven’t said before. You are my DM and I love what you do because you do it better than anyone I know. There are teams and then there are teams, and you, Carlos & Chucho are, in my mine, the best team in Cozumel and anyone that hasn’t dove with you really doesn’t have a true scale to judge dive operations by. (example), not to many dive ops. would go to the trouble to line up an additional DM for 3 divers while you finish up a cert. dives with 2 other divers, and you know what, watching these 2 divers (ages 12 and 18) get cert. was as much fun as doing my own thing on that dive. I usually add a photo to my testimony but this time I’m going to add an invitation, to anyone that is interested, to a web sight where they can see for their self what diving with you is all about. Now I’m in no way any kind of a pro when it comes to U/W photos or videos, in fact, these photos and videos are my first with a digital camera, so the quality is far from professional but it gives you the idea of what diving in Cozumel with the best DM on the island is all about. The web sight; http://tut.phanfare.com you need the pass word, Cozumel the “C” is upper case. Thanks again Alison, this was another great trip and the diving was as good as it gets. Next year you will come up with the Sea Horse as you said you would that I'm sure of, it’s the only thing I haven’t gotten a pic of, and a promise is a promise. Thanks kid for another great dive vacation, Hola to Carlos and Chucho, (shacka - shacka baby).
Terry Curtis (Tut)
Rochester, MN - Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here’s the deal: of the dozen or so people I met while diving with Alison, all except one was a return customer. Several said that they wouldn’t dive with anyone on Cozumel but her. Need I say more? Well, I will. Alison is fun, professional and she and Carlos really made me feel welcome and well taken care of. My only complaint: I’m back in NYC where it’s snowing instead of diving!
Lou Seitchik
<Lou Seitchik>
New York City, New York - Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My husband, Rob, and I wanted to write you and thank you for helping us master our OPEN WATER scuba certification. We had a wonderful time with you and Carlos during the 3 day course completion and diving experience. During all dives, we felt safe and relaxed. We also really appreciate the 1 on 1 time we were able to have directly with you on our first day to get us ready for the experience of our first dives.
We had such a wonderful time and saw amazing fish, a sea horse, sharks, eels, barracudas, sea turtles and sting rays. It was wonderful to dive in a new reef each and every dive to see the different life. We will never forget this trip, and for all of our future scuba dives in Cozumel, we will only call you. Plus, we will definitely recommend you to all family and friends heading down to Cozumel to scuba dive. You better get that new boat soon, we will have to get a group of friends together to fill it!!!! Sincerely,
Rob and Alyson Wolfle
Monday, March 12, 2007

What can I say, Elaine, Richard, Kathy, Ron, Andrew & I had a blast diving with Alison and Carlos, again in January, 2007. What a fantastic week of diving. I do not think that there is anything that we missed, 2 hugh moray eels, sharks, rays, 3-octopus, count them 3 octopus and I lost count of the number of turtles. One great dive after another. I am still on cloud nine about the spectacular week of diving we had. I have said it once and I will say it again and again and again, as far as the 6 of us are concerned there is one dive master in all of Cozumel. Kathy and I will will see you again in April and we can not wait. Love, Patti
Patti Nowaczyk
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We took our Advanced Diver course with Alison in January and are VERY satisfied customers!! This was our 3rd trip to the island, 1st time diving with Alison, but definitely not our last. The night dive was especially great - very relaxed, fun and safe. Thanks again Alison and Carlos - we help make our holiday even more memorable.
Bonita & Claudio Martins
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Friday, February 16, 2007

We are Canadians from the prairies and love diving . We went back to dive with Alison , because she is so much fun to be with and totally professional at the same time. We just got back from Cozumel and had a blast diving with her . As always , the groups were small and we got a lot of personal attention . We got to vote on where to dive , and she offered a wide range of locations. She is very safety oriented , making sure that everyone had their equipment on correctly , made the appropriate safety stops , and gave great tips on how to deal with currents . We always felt totally safe with her . When we go back to Cozumel , we will definitely contact her for all our diving needs.
Ursula and Detlef Eissner
Manitoba , Canada - Friday, February 02, 2007

Hello Alison, I can't thank you and Carlos enough for hosting our group on Thursday... It really was an all around wonderful experience. First, you were nice enough to wait for us when our cruise was delayed... then you took us to some awesome dive spots where we got to see everything on our wish list... and then you point us in the right direction for some delicious margaritas and nachos. But you didn't stop there... when I forgot my fins, you had Chucho bring them to me at the bar. And you did it all with a smile. We'll be back and we're only diving with you... Thank you and Happy New Year!
Tracy Parsons
Washington, DC - Tuesday, January 02, 2007

INSERT GLOWING RECOMMENDATION HERE! But seriously, I finally came back to spend a week with Alison and Carlos after having dove with them for a day on a cruise ship almost 2 years ago. It was definitely worth the trip. I couldn't have asked for a more personalized experience. I have had the chance now to dive with a number of other dive outfits in the Caribbean and in the US, and Alison and Carlos are still the best. Having a little more experience now than I did my first time, it also impressed me as to how truely concerned they are for the safety and well being of their divers and all the little things they do to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Thanks again guys!
Mike Nappier, Dec 9-15th
Cleveland, Ohio - Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hola Alison, We would like to send a huge thank you to you, Carlos and Chucho for a fabulous week of diving. This was our first trip to Cozumel and Mike's already making plans to head back there again. We had a lot of fun diving with you and Chucho. We felt extremely comfortable and confident diving with you and enjoyed your sense of fun during the dives. Carlos was a great help to us getting in and especially out of the water :) Chucho was also a great guide during our treasure hunt (or night dive as some people like to call it). I can't believe all the octopus we found! The camaraderie between you, Carlos, Chucho and the dive group was incredible and really made the trip feel like we were diving with a good group of friends. It really made the surface intervals a lot of fun. We couldn't believe our luck with the under water wild life either.

Having the dolphins swim past our group during our safety stop will definitely be the highlight of our dive careers. We're looking forward to diving with you again on our next trip to Cozumel. Thanks again for everything!
Manette Logan and Mike Jones
<Manette Logan and Mike Jones>
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hola Alison, Thank you, Carlos and Chucho for the amazing dives! You are a true professional and helped us become better divers while providing a safe and fun experience. The visits to the world of Cozumel oceana, seeing the spectacular marine life, and the swim throughs at Palancar Caves were very special for us. For now it is back to the cold, harsh reality of new england and work (yuk). We look forward to seeing you again someday, hopefully sooner than later. For those searching this site looking for who you should dive with in Cozumel, you have found her. Peace,
Sharon and Matt
Dalton, MA - Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just returned from our 12th trip with Alison and our 25th to Cozumel. Guess we like it. Six days with Alison November 30 to December 5th and as usual she and Carlos were great. The diving has improved immensely since April. Not 100% back but close.

The weather got a little dodgy the last couple of days but no dives lost. Last day we did Las Palmas and Paradise, per our request. Both great dives. Lots of Queen Triggers and Angels, my favorites. Also saw a large Eagle Ray on Las Plamas. We are scheduling another trip in late April. If anyone has questions, feel free to email me.
Ken Coman
<Ken Coman>
Helena, MT - Thursday, December 07, 2006

Alison: I can’t thank you enough for making our trip such a wonderful experience. Chris has hoped for years that I would be able to just get comfortable and enjoy a dive with him and you made it possible. would like to provide this testimonial for you to use and edit in any way you’d like:

My husband and I just returned from 5 dives with Alison. I am a relatively inexperienced diver and was hoping that Alison would help me feel more comfortable so that I could enjoy my dive. We had changed the dates of our trip so we didn’t get to be with Alison the first day. Instead we dove with the dive crew from our resort. Well, during that dive and during our snorkel trip that night, I fought with my mask the entire time as it kept taking in water. I was close to throwing in the towel, but we had waited so long to dive with Alison that I couldn’t.

As we met up for the first dive, it was obvious to me why so many people enjoy diving with Alison and her crew. Carlos and Alison both went out of their way to make sure we had properly assembled and comfortably fitting gear. Alison provided a very detailed briefing about the dive ahead. Her briefing included an adamant statement that we will not be descending until everyone was comfortable and ready to proceed. So, sure enough, we enter the water and my mask is taking in water. Alison came to me and spent 2-3 minutes assessing the situation. She concluded that my mask was too high and needed to be closer to my lip. Sounds like the simplest thing in the world. But, it really was the difference between a miserable dive and what turned out to be a spectacular dive, followed by four more spectacular dives. Alison cares for her divers and their experience. She couldn’t hide it if she tried! And, I think that is the reason we were joined by people who return to Cozumel regularly and always choose to dive with Alison. We will go back and we WILL scuba with Alison. Anyone who can take a nervous Nellie like me and have me diving through caves (which was optional) is my kind of hero.
Nancy Fowler
Overland Park, KS - Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hey Alison, Chau, Mike, Spencer, and I had a great time. Thanks for all the professionalism and thanks for all the fun. You made our trip to Cozumel awesome. Only one causality to report... we decided to spend the afternoon at the Fiesta Americana pool after our last dive on Tuesday . Mike, the chatty Brit he is, in mid-sentence, got stung by a bee on the lip. He looked like Hitch. I'm sure Chau will send a pic or two. All is well that ends well. My best,
Terry Bartifay(Houston) <Terry Bartifay>
Houston, TX - Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This was my 4th time diving with Alison and my first time taking my three friends. The "boys" had not dived in years! Not only did Alison make them feel VERY safe and secure in the water, she was great fun. We all agreed we will be back, and always back with Alison. Ali... you go girl! Chau Nguyen October 16th and 17th 2006 dive trip, houston texas
Chau Nguyen
Houston, TX - Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We dove with Alison earlier this year (February) and after referring many others to her I found her testmonial page and wanted to let others know how very, very satisfied we were with Alison and her crew. Months before our trip to Playa I searched for a dive operator that would be able to give my family, a 13 yr. old daughter, 16 yr. old son and my wife and I a resort course. We were looking for someone that would take us on alone, and make our kids comfortable since it was their first time diving and only the 2nd time for my wife and I. I had many on some of the Playa and Cozumel web sites refer us to Alison. After a few e-mails back and forth we felt really comfortable setting up training and dives with Alison. It was the most awesome experience for all of us. Alison was so good with our kids, especially our daughter who needed a calming person like Alison to help her through the tougher parts of training. We felt so safe, and that was our #1 priority. This was the highlight of our week, with the experience being second to none. If you have any reservations about taking teens out and doing this for the first time, by all means go with Alison and you will not regret it. I think the whole experience was very affordable, very rewarding and very, very safe. If you'd like to hear more of our dive feel free to e-mail me.
Mike Hoff and Family <Mike Hoff>
Monday, October 09, 2006

My girlfriend and I went diving with Alison, and it was GREAT! She is a stress-free and confident Dive master who allowed us to take our time investigating around the reef; no quick deep dive to use up our air like some DM we've gone with. She was excellent at pointing out the sea life, and she kept the group small... only 5 people. Safety really came across as a priority. It was worth making the early reservation, and recommend her to anyone.
Patrick Pendleton Smith <Patrick Pendleton Smith>
Washington, DC - Saturday, September 16, 2006

Scuba With Alison was all it was before and then some! This was my second time diving with Alison and I would recommend no other! The talent of Carlos, Chucho, and Alison never ceases to amaze me. We did 13 amazing dives and even though Alison was officially on vacation, she was always there making sure that we were all taken care of. This crew is fun, laid back, and very knowledgeable. Best of all, they put safety first!! No matter what level of diver you are, they always make sure that everyone is taken care of and that the dive is thoroughly enjoyed by all. Carlos is always kind enough to wear shorts so that the ladies can use his legs as eye candy during the surface intervals. Now that's devotion!!! HA! All joking aside, if you are looking for a top-notch dive operation with no hassle, look no further!
Jennifer Dillard<Jennifer Dillard>
Stillwater, OK - Saturday, September 09, 2006

This was our first dive experience with Alison and the Enigma II. Fantastic dives, fantastic dive guide. Our small group (Mike, Gary, Jeanette, John, Joe) has been diving 2-3 times a year for several years in Cozumel with various dive guides. Alison was recommended through a friend, who has been diving with Alison for over 10 years. We were not disappointed. Alison was first and foremost "safety conscious". Having dove there for over 15 years, Alison was very knowledgeable on the dive sites, sea life, and conditions and allowed us to dive our dives. We knew the sites we wanted to visit and she was most accommodating, providing very helpful insights. She quickly assessed our dive prowess after entering the water (fortunately we were good enough to go below 15'). She did not set any time limit - which is great for this group as we often have 70-80 minutes dives - still surfacing with over 500 psi. She also had individual air limits, which is the only way this group will dive. Many dive operations not only limit the time you're down but an air limit that ties everyone to the first person reaching that limit (e.g. "the first person to 1000psi - everyone begins ascent"). She maintained eye contact with every diver throughout the dives even going back, against some decent current, to direct one of our "strays" who almost joined another group. At first I thought she was going down to wrestle the 7' nurse shark that had been following us - which would have been more fun than getting Gary back! She was entertaining and fun to be around. I would trust her as a dive guide with my children, and I know no higher recommendation. We will be back on the Enigma II soon. Thanks for the fun.
Mike Simpson et al<Mike Simpson>
San Antonio, Texas - Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This is my second time diving with Alison and crew as my wife and I along with some friends came down for a four day weekend last year. I didn’t spend a lot of time with her last year as we were on different boats since we had such a large crowd. However this time 7 guys came down on July 28 and we had a week of diving before the rest of our family and friends came down. We met Alison at a restaurant where we sorted out all of plans for the week and the next morning we hit the water. Alison has a great personality and was able to handle 7 guys who continuously made crude jokes and acted like “guys”. Believe me, she can handle her own. She was very accommodating to us and gave us thorough dive briefings each and every dive and most of the time we did what she told us……some of us ignored the set hard bottoms! Alison and us were very lucky on our diving as we saw a ton of turtles, 4 sharks, a huge green moray eel and lots of splendid toad fish. Alison knew I had a camera so she was always pointing out photo opportunities to me. I took almost 500 pictures all underwater for the 10 days I dove. I had a lot of boat time to learn about Alison and her crew and I was/am very impressed. They are helpful to any and every request and safety was their number one goal. My wife isn’t as strong as a diver as I am and I am always a bit nervous when she dives, except this time. Alison and crew have earned my complete trust and respect. We will continue to do our yearly trip to Cozumel and dive with her each and every time. If I had to pick her strongest trait it would be reading people and their diving skills and planning the dive accordingly. We had an awesome time and can’t wait to go back. Thank you Alison and Crew.
Eric Consford<Eric Consford>
Ft Worth, TX - Monday, August 07, 2006

Alison sets the standard -- Just returned from my second visit with Alison and again, couldn't be more satisfied. Everything from her attention to safety and details to the way they (Alison, Carlos and Chuco) treat you like a friend instead of a customer makes her operation top notch. Most of all though, its the way she still gets so excited when she spots a turtle, eagle ray etc. that tickles me the most. She loves diving and it shows.
Scott Frasure<scott-frasure@uky.edu>
Lexington, KY - Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank you Alison, Chucho and Carlos for another fantastic week of diving!!!!! Wow, 14 dives in 4 days and we all survived it!!!! Once again, taking advanced divers and brand new divers and making sure everyone was comfortable as well as entertained - you guys truly are an awesome team. A few months ago, we traveled to Jamaica to dive and spent the entire week wishing we'd have just gone back to Cozumel so that we could be diving with you. The three of you have truly spoiled us for anyone else. If anyone reading this testimonial is on the fence about booking with ScubaWithAlison.......Please contact us - we'd be more than happy to talk your ear off about reasons to go with this group!!!
See you soon girl!!!
Mike & Laura Sandridge<mike972@comcast.net>
Mesquite, Texas - Thursday, July 20, 2006

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best we give Alison and crew a 10+. If you are reading these testimonials looking for the right person to take you out diving in Cozumel like we just recently did, look no further. Cheryl and I are new to scuba diving and completed our open water certification just a few weeks before our trip to Cozumel. This was our first time diving in salt water (or anywhere) as our open water dives during training were completed in a fresh water lake near our home. Alison, Chucho, and Carlos all made us feel welcome and provided excellent service during our 4 days of diving Jun 10-13, 2006. Most importantly we felt very safe and their years of experience in diving shined through by their actions in planning the dives and how they looked after us in the water. We loved diving in Cozumel and will be going back to dive with Alison often.
Denny & Cheryl Daniels
Katy, TX - Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hey everybody, listen up! I dove with Alison in June of 2005, and sent in a glowing testimonial...(its the only kind she should ever get!) but it got misplaced in cyberspace, so I finally got around to trying again...I hope she'll post it! I heard about Alison from Troy Stites and David McSwain, and contacted her for some dives...and despite saying I was friends with those guys...she still took me! There is no replacement for the personalized service and genuine friendship that is on dislpay at all times by Alison, Carlos, and Chucho! They truly go that extra mile! Our little dive group, Cowboy Diving and Adventures, recommends Alison exclusively...make her your dive operator of choice...its the best choice you can make!
Jeff James<Jeff James>
Cushing, Oklahoma USA! - Monday, June 05, 2006

We just returned from our 11th trip with Alison. Even with the Wilma damage, which has improved since December, the diving was excellent. Carlos and Alison make divers feel like friends or family. A unique atmosphere. The last day provided the best diving with an eagle ray, turtles and then to top it off, dolphins on the return trip. We're already planning our 25th trip to Cozumel for next December. E-mail me at comanken@aol.com if you have questions.
Ken Coman
Helena, MT - Monday, May 01, 2006

My wife and I made our fourth trip to Cozumel, diving with Alison each time. We did our open water in CZM with our instructor from home in 2004, then did boat dives with Alison, Chucho, and Carlos and learned what it means to make instant friends. I can't imagine diving in Cozumel with anyone else. They make the whole trip enjoyable, from the fun chatter on the boat ride out, through very safe, well thought out dives, and the boat ride back when we are tired, satisfied, happy, and looking forward to the next day. We return as often as we can find time and an excuse to go. We were definitely saddened by the damage to some of our favorite reefs this time. Yucab, in particular, took a lot of damage. As Alison has said on her divelog, though, we just think of it as "urban renewal" and look for the new life that was already beginning to take root. As usual, Alison did a wonderful job of finding cool creatures and even took a pose beside a sleeping nurse shark on Santa Rosa wall. We had a great time and are looking forward to returning as soon as time allows.
James and Shirley Mayhar
Flower Mound, TX - Monday, March 20, 2006

Feb 28th - Mar 4th 2006.     Although it was a short trip, even shorter week, you did yourself good Girl. This is my 5th dive trip with Alison and as I’ve said many times before, I dive with no other. After “Wilma” I didn’t know what really to expect but I was very happy to see that my beloved Island is up and going strong. The reefs really look pretty good. Yes, there is a lot more sand on some of them but I can’t remember seeing so many fish and turtles as I did on this trip. The reefs look different also in that there seems to be a lot more swim through than I remember is the past and more over hangs. The one bonus I really wish I could have spent more time at was the uncovering of the old ship, some call this dive “Palancar Bricks” some call it “Columbia.” I call it the “Bricks” and Alison dropped us right on top of it. All in all it was a great week of diving and can’t wait to get back and do it all over again.    Here is looking at you Girl .
King Netupune of the Seas
Minnesota - Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We were in Cozumel on Jan 26, 2006 via a cruise ship. Dont let the tender process scare you from not booking. Alison can be accommodating within reason. We had plenty of time to do a two tank dive and still get in some shopping. It was fun to watch the large turtle go up for air and then on the way back down pause to get its picture taken. We saw plenty of fish, lobsters and a small eel. There is still plenty left to see even with all the devastation that has occurred to Cozumel.
Dave Thomas
Lumberton, MS - Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I was in Cozumel in September 2005 and it was my 17th or 18th trip to this beautiful island to dive with Alison. This is a belated thank-you to her, Chucho and Carlos for their unsurpassed service that made all dives so safe and interesting. I heard that Hurricane Wilma had caused some little damage, but mostly reformation to the Palancar Reef. In the eyes of repeat customers like me, COZUMEL has just been RENOVATED, as in the same fashion after Hurricane Emily Cozumel was rewarded with a dozen or so reef sharks that always cruise near Punta Sur. I cannot wait to find out more about my new Cozumel and to dive with my old friends again.
Tony Man
Ontario, Canada - Monday, January 2, 2006

We were in Cozumel from December 4-11 and dove with Alison December 5-10. It was our 10th trip with Alison and as usuual she and Carlos were more like friends than a dive operator. I approached the diving with an open mind and while some reefs suffered significant damage, the diving is still great. The shallow dives, our favorites, were hit the hardest. The color isn't as vibrant as many of the sponges are gone but the array of fish remains. I believe the reefs will slowly improve but some will take a long time. Cozumel diving may not be the same but it beats most other locations. If you're oldtimers, approach the diving with an open mind and you'll be pleasantly surprised. If you are a first time visitor, you'll be amazed at the quality of diving. Email me if you have any questions.
Ken Coman
Helena, MT - Thursday, December 15, 2005

Being a cruise ship passenger (and first time visitor to Cozumel), I knew my wife and I would only get one opportunity to dive during our day in Cozumel. We had dove earlier in the week in Grand Cayman, with an operator that I'd quickly booked on the Internet, and although the dive itself was great...the dive operator there did absolutely nothing for us in terms of making this a fun dive. He was unfriendly, ignored our comments and questions, and made it clear that the term "customer service" was not a phrase he was familiar with. (Example: we were told to be at his dive shop at 10:00am, yet, did not leave until 1:00pm.) When we arrived in Cozumel, what a night and day difference with Alison!! She greeted us with a smile and made our dive so great, that she is the first operator that I have "wanted" to write a testimonial for. I have dove with many operators in Florida, since being certified in 1998, and she is without a doubt one of the very best. She did everything to make this a great dive for us! My wife (an experienced diver) said Alison was the best operator she had ever had the pleasure of diving with. I wholeheartedly agree ... as Alison made Cozumel our best dive so far. She has set a very high standard for others to follow, and we are looking forward to a return trip to Coz, so that we can dive with Alison.
Curtis Holleman
Tampa, Florida - Saturday, November 19, 2005

I dove with Alison in both March 2004 and March 2005. The first time I was a little apprehensive as it was the first time I ever made a booking on the internet and wasn't certain as to what I was getting into; plus I had a bad experience diving at another location in the Caribbean many years ago. Diving with Alison and Carlos was the best. She is extremely well organised and very accommodating to those she takes out. My experience was so good in 2004 that I returned in 2005. I took my kids and she took us to a reef to snorkel in between dives. Now my daughter is begging me to get her signed up for an open water dive course so she can dive with Alison in 2006. We'll see you in about six months Alison.
Ross Macdonald
Ottawa, ON, Canada - Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I wanted to let you know what a fabulous time we had with Carlos and Chucho. Alison was taking some time off to visit her mother - but still woke up early and met us at the pier to make sure we were set up and ready to go! Chucho is a fabulous dive master and took us on some wonderful dives. It was very hands on and personal - not anything you'd get from another dive company. Chucho and Carlos made us feel comfortable from the get go! Chucho asked us what we wanted to see - and he provided that for us! The first dive we saw a beautiful reef and the second dive (an incredible drift dive by the way - we cruised over 4 miles in 45 minutes!) we saw TONS of fish, turtles, even an octopus (with it's empty conch shell 'pizza boxes') and a huge manta ray. We were on a cruise ship and only had time to do 2 dives, but when we make it to Cozumel again - I will definitely be diving with Alison, Chucho and Carlos again. Thanks for a wonderful time!
Cindi Davis
Charlotte, NC - Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Thank you Alison (Chucho & Carlos too!!) for yet another spectacular week of diving. Once again you made us both feel like no request - be it to dive at a particular reef or look for a particular critter - was too much to ask for. We are truly in awe of your talents. How you can take a group of divers from all different skill levels and cater a dive so that each and every one of those divers is well within their comfort range but also challenged enough as to not be bored! Although this is only our second time to dive with you, the frequent emails that we exchange in addition to your consistently friendly outlook made us feel like we were coming back to Cozumel to dive with a family friend! I don't know how you do it, spending all day on the boat and then going back to the house and answering email and all that yummy baking (hee hee)!!!! We can't wait until the next time...........You can rest assured that you have loyal customers for life!!!! See you soon!
Mike & Laura Sandridge
Mesquite, Texas - Monday, September 12, 2005

There are not words to describe the level of service that I received from Alison, Chucho, and Carlos on my first-ever trip to Cozumel! Although I had over 40 dives, this was my first time diving in the ocean. Alison and company made sure that I enjoyed my first ocean dives and made this trip one that I will never forget! All of my dives with both Alison and Chucho were remarkable! I saw all the critters that I wanted to see. Punta Sur was especially memorable as we saw a school of Caribbean reef sharks and two sea turtles!! That absolutely rocked. Carlos was amazing in that he always had the boat right where we popped up and was ready to take the load of your gear off the second you stepped onto the boat - not to mention he isn't bad to look at either!! :) (Sorry Carlos, you know I had to go there!) I am addicted for life and am already planning another trip back in February or March and refuse to dive with anyone but Alison, Chucho, and Carlos!! It's your personalized service and the willingness to go that extra mile that keeps people coming back for more. Keep up the good work!!!
Jennifer Dillard
Stillwater, Oklahoma - Sunday, September 11, 2005

I had an absolutely wonderful pair of dives with Alison. Even though I was on a cruise ship and only in Cozumel for a day, she treated me like I'd been diving with her all week. I dove Belize the day before with the cruise ship tour and diving with Alison in Cozumel was much much better. I had always wanted to see a sea turtle in the wild and she managed to produce six in two dives. Just one day diving with Alison has convinced me to come back and spend an entire week with her. Thanks so much Alison!
Mike Nappier
Cleveland, OH - Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This is our second trip to Cozumel and diving with Alison et al. This time Jim and I brought along our sons. The guys Ben, Nic, and Adam are good but relatively new divers. Once again our experience with Alison, Chucho, and Carlos was truly awesome. The guys commented on how relaxed the experience was and how comfortable they felt with every aspect of it. Alison was wonderful as usual. She is sooo careful and watchful that the boys thought that they were diving with their mother! ( Just another testimonial of her great service). We dove 9 of 11 dives with Chucho. We loved how involved he allowed us to be with the selection of dive sites, dive plans, and pointing out various fish, shark, coral, etc. Chucho is a master creature finder. When we commented on not having seen a shark after dive 3, he promptly served up 3 of them on the very next dive. On our night dive he found an octopus. I was anxious about doing a night dive but Chucho, Alison, and Carlos all helped to re-enforce the positive nature of the night dive and we all loved it. Thanx! Carlos served our every need on board the Enigma. His friendly demeanor and quick wit made the surface intervals go by fast. He must bake every night. Our Cozumel diving experience with ScubawithAlison was absolutely, positively the best and we will "do it again"! Thank you once again Alison, Chucho, and Carlos.
Gary, Ben, and Nic Herdrich and Jim and Adam Heiligenstein
West Bend, Wisconsin ( Go Badgers) - Monday, June 20, 2005

My wife and I dove with Alison and Carlos on May 24th and 25th (my Birthday) 2005. Wow, what a way to spend a birthday! Alison is great. She knows where the best dive sites are due to diving Coz for so long. We just told her to take us to the best places, and she did. We were not dissapointed. Alison always looked out for us during the dive. We plan to do a longer trip next time we are in Coz. 2 days was not enough. We loved Palancar Horsehoe, was like being in an "underwater church." We will be back. Thanks Alison, see you soon.
Robert and Debra Ianucci
Virginia Beach, VA - Monday, May 30, 2005

Another great week of diving with Alison and Carlos, May 2-7. Some of the better dives in our 18 trips. Very little current all week. Alison was very accommodating as usual and two days we had her all to ourselves. This was our 7th trip with Alison and if anyone has any questions, feel free to email me. If you are looking for long leisurely dives with small groups, Alison is certainly a wise choice. We're heading back in December.
Ken & Judy Coman
Helena, MT - Monday, May 9, 2005

I had a marvelous time getting certified with Alison, even in choppy water (and even when I got sick at 60 feet!). She is a fabulous instructor and made this apprehensive beginner feel very comfortable. Now I can't wait to go diving again! Steve and I also enjoyed our dives with Chucho. See you in a few months with my daughters, Alison!
Denver, CO - Tuesday, April 26, 2005

We dove with Alison in 1993 and 1994 when Diamond Cozumel was brand new--before it became Allegro. At that time there were 3 of us: myself, my wife, and our 13 year old daughter. (Our daughter is now married and in medical school, so she doesn't dive with us--as much as she would like to.) For years after that we dove with the folks from Dive Palancar and occasionally saw Alison around the dive shop. Then we rediscovered Alison after she went independent. Last year we did a couple of dives with her, and this year my wife and I dove exclusively with her. What a great set of 8 dives we had! Every dive was relaxed and leisurely, and we saw everything close up without being part of an overwhelming herd of divers. The turtles, the rays, the sharks--close enough to touch and plenty of time to observe. We can't wait to come back again next year!
Michael (and Maureen!) Kaplan
Lexington, MA - Wednesday, March 9, 2005

I began diving with Alison back in 2000 "when she was still with Dive Palancar." Have dove with her ever since then. She has certified both me and my son and has done a resort course dive with my daughter. Alison is simply the best Dive Master/ Instructor on Cozumel. If your looking for a big fancy boat, lots of other divers, rigid dive schedules and impersonal service, then Alison is not the one for you. With Alison you'll get a fast boat with only 6 or 7 divers max, dives sites that the divers pick, no set length to the dives, a dive master that does everyone's safety stop with them and a captain that's there when you surface. Alison knows all the dive sites and can find anything. Carlos her captain is always within 50 ft. or so when you surface, "no bobbing in the Big Blue!" Alison puts your safety and enjoyment first, and I'll trust my kids to dive with no one else. That's why Brittany and I will be diving again next month with Alison.
Karl Sharp
Wyoming, Mich. USA - Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Alison...and another great 2 weeks of diving, Feb 6th-20th. I never seem to tire of all the beauty that you show me year in and year out and this year was no different. Again lots of Turtles, Sharks and Rays and to see Drums on almost every dive, most years I’m lucky to see one. Then to see that many Toadfish, 5 I think, all on different dives and the super large Puffer, what a nice surprise. Girl, I don’t know how you do it, day after day, but I’m Soooo glad you do!!! Thanks again Alison, for another great 2 weeks of diving, Hola to Carlos and Chucho, what a great crew, "The Best!!" and you know I’m looking forward to doing it all again in March 2006......I’ll dive with no other!!!
Terry "Tut" Curtis
Minnesota, USA - Monday, March 7, 2005

Alison, Thank you for an excellent experience! I am so relieved that we did not book the cruise excursion. You and Carlos are truly nice people. Thank you for being attentive to our needs. It is nice to receive excellent service!
Steven Tarr & Stanley Kiebzak
Houston, Texas USA - Thursday, February 10, 2005

We cannot say enough great things about Alison and Carlos. Susan, although certified was a little scared and intimidated by the big blue ocean (we were certified at the Blue Hole). On the first dive, Alison held Susan's hand throughout the entire dive. Needless to say Susan's confidence was boosted tremendously. We both took the Bouyancy course offered by Alison, which was excellent! By the end we both have made great strides in our bouyancy and control. I still suck air by the pound, but I will just equate that to big lungs, but hey it didn't matter anyway because Carlos set me up with the BIG TANK. Thanks again Carlos. Alison takes you to all the great spots where there are not other boats (at least when we started....they all seem to follow Alison). Alison must be AquaWoman....she has to be talking to the turtles and eagle rays and arranging these meetings, since we saw them up close and personal on almost every dive! And above the water both Alison and Carlos treat you as a friend instead of a number like they do on the big boats. Alison is safe, fun and oh yeah....she looks great in a thong!!!! (EAT YOUR HEART OUT TROY!!!) Can't wait to dive with you again Alison and Carlos. Great meeting you Amanda and Damien hope to talk to you all soon! Be ready Carlos, next time were bringing the banana hammock for YOU!
Jim & Susan Eddy
Cheyenne, WY USA - Sunday, December 19, 2004

I have threatened to post negative comments about Alison as she is becoming too popular, but I have to be honest. Judy and I did our 6th trip with her and 18th to Cozumel December 6-11. I asked her to order up perfect weather and other than the last day she came through. The diving was great with close encounters with eagle rays on almost every dive. Despite a problem with my Nikonos and no pictures, I thoroughly enjoyed the diving. Columbia Shallows was great as usual. Alison and Carlos seem like friends and make the surface time enjoyable. Alison is able to handle new or experienced divers or both on the same trip without problems. Thanks again for a great week. Please email me if you have any questions. Ken
Ken Coman
Helena, MT USA - Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Last year after having been open water certified for 1-1/2 years at a Cozumel resort, I thoroughly researched a more personal dive master, one who we could trust and be at ease with and one who would show us the 'up close and true colors of the Cozumel reefs and its inhabitants'...thank goodness we decided to go with Alison. She is an expert diver who places safety first but fun on each and every dive is a close contender!!! Small groups and individual attention to each diver is a given. She's also an excellent instructor - after numerous dives with her in November of 2003, we again booked with her this November (2004) for achievement of our advanced diver's certification. We not only attained this higher level but actually learned more skills and became even better divers than we realized possible! She helped us minimize our weights/distribution, refine our skills and helped us attain more time in the water than imagineable (one shallow dive was 70 minutes!) Gracias Alison - you're the best and Carlos is the most awesome captain, bar none! We look forward to seeing you again and again!
Sylvie & Bob Wheatley
Rocklin, CA USA - Saturday, December 4, 2004

It was around 1 o'clock in the afternoon of October 28, 2004. The second dive of the day at Paso Del Cedral, also the last dive of my entire trip to Cozumel, just passed its one hour mark. Alison, our Divemaster, having surfaced twice with other 4 divers, came back to me to continue our search for an eagle ray, as I had expressed earlier my wish of seeing one close enough for a good photo. Although it was October and certainly not a season for eagle rays, and in the last 10 days we had seen only one far away, our search continued. As the clock was ticking and my tank pressure getting lower, right at 67th minute, my heart throbbed with excitement. Just a few yards away on the other side of the coral head, there was a gorgeous eagle ray hunting. In the following 15 mintues, she came back again and again, offering me more photo opportunities. The dive lasted 87 mintues, the longest ever of my 1000+ dives.

The last 2 testimonials were from rather new divers expressing their gratitute to Alison for her excellent job of leading dives as a dive leader or introducing scuba as an instructor. For them it is imperative to be rest assured that they are diving under good leadership and supervision with someone close by to help when needed. To give them such assurance, nobody does a better job than Alison. By telling the above story, I am trying to say that Alison is not just good for beginners, but DIVERS OF ALL LEVELS. When I bring out that picture, not just I can see an awesome eagle ray, but also Alison's patience and her determination of satisfying her customers, including the very demanding ones. I have seen eagle rays, even in schools, in numerous occasions, but that very eagle ray that I saw on October 28 will remain the best forever. THANKS ALISON AND HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Tony Man
Ontario, Canada - Saturday, December 4, 2004

Jim and I are new to scuba. We wanted a dive master who would provide personalized attention to us. We both were highly impressed with the dives with Alison,Chucho and their friend Amanda. Each dive was discussed prior to it, taking into account each diver's comfort,desires, and ability. Alison promptly answered our emails and questions prior to our arrival in Cozumel and gave us great suggestions on where to stay. She and Chucho had offered first hand experience on restaurants and we did not have one bad meal - in fact we even saw them out at the same place on two occasions. We felt comfortable in the water primarily because of their leadership and skill. We will dive with Alison again (provided that she will have us back of course)!
Gary Herdrich
West Bend, Wisconsin (Go Badgers) - Saturday, November 27, 2004

Alison, Just to let everyone know how pleased we are with you. We did a Resort Course after a referral from a customer of mine and Alison's. My wife was put at ease by Alison's style of instruction plus that it was a one on one class. (Unlike the class on the cruise ship we were on). We had such a great time that we are currently in the process of acquiring scuba equipment and are fixing to go through the Open Water course locally. Many thanks,
Dave & Michelle Thomas <David & Michelle Thomas>
Lumberton, MS USA - Friday, November 12, 2004

Alison, thank you for your help. Just got back from Coz and Alison helped put together a group dive and snorkel trip. We had 18 family members. 4 divers and 14 snorkelers as part of a family reunion. Alison was very prompt and helpful in coordinating via email. The boat she chartered was perfect for everyone. NOT crowded! We had a perfect day weather wise. We dove/snorkeled Palancar Horseshoe and Paradise. Perfect for both divers and snorkelers. The best part for me (a diver) was Alison's leadership in the water. She inspired comfort among the divers by leading but allowing us to go where we wanted. Her confidence underwater instilled confidence in all divers. Due to the quality of the diving, we will definitely go back to Coz and due to the quality of the assistance from Alsion, we will definitely utilize her services when we do. Thanx,
Nic, Tara & Family
<Nic Thakur> <nic@niclaw.com>
Toledo, Ohio USA - Monday, November 1, 2004

Alison, quick note. Thanks again for the two dives I did last week your > service and attitude were the best I have every encountered. You have a > blend of allowing freedom while still directing the trip to insure all > enjoyed their dives. The next time I or anyone I have contact with is in > Coz I'm sure you will get the call. Stay safe, see you next time. Bob Brunner Oct. 2004
Bob Brunner
Hamilton, Ontario Canada - Saturday, October 16, 2004

Last week I spent a day diving with Alison (and Carlos) and I can recommend her very highly as an very experienced, very professional and fun scuba instructor/guide. Prior to the trip Alison was very responsive to my questions and provided excellent advise and directions. Once the various divers were on the boat we discussed what we would like to do and what kind of diving we were most interested in. Then she suggested where we might dive - quite a different experience than most dive operators who tell you what they plan to do that day. On the dive itself Alison was quite adept at locating and pointing out interesting things. She was also able to surface those in the group who ran low on air or were cold without needing to terminate the dive for the rest of the group - so we all were able to maximize our experience. And, of course, the dive itself was fantastic. During the surface interval she provided water, snacks and lively conversation. Best of all is Alison herself. She clearly enjoys what she is doing and makes it a whole lot of fun for her divers. I look forward to returning to Cozumel and would not consider diving with anyone else.
Cincinnati, Ohio USA - Saturday, July 31, 2004

I want to once again thank both you and Carlos for the absolutely wonderful experiences of diving with ya’ll on July 16-18, 2004. Because of your knowledge, experience and concern, the 6 dives that I accomplished during this time period were beyond description. Words cannot really convey the joy I experienced during these dives. Additionally, with these being my first dives, the watchful eye of a master diver was essential. Because of both Carlos’ and your vigilant eyes, I was completely at ease on each dive for not only my safety, but also that of, my dive partner. I learned a great deal during these dives and no longer feel like a new “rookie”. However, there is much additional knowledge and experience that I need to gain. I hope that I will be welcome back for future diving experiences under your tutelage.
David Collins
McKinney, Tx USA - Friday, July 23, 2004

Alison, Sorry for being slow giving you some feed back from my last trip. I can’t thank you enough for the great trip, as usual all the students and divers had a great time. They couldn’t say enough good things about the service and diving on the trip home. I’ve been diving Cozumel since 1980 and you are by far the best operation I’ve worked with. You’re attention to safety is outstanding and I enjoy working with you to provide a first rate experience for both new and experienced divers. Again thanks, Tim Anderson Instructor (NAUI 17820) Destination Below Grapevine, Texas tim@destinationbelow.com PS. Our newest junior diver sends her regards.
Tim Anderson
Gravevine, TX USA - Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My daughter and I just came back from a cruise with a one day stop at Cozumel where we went diving with Alison. We chose Alison because of her quick and personalized responses to all of our questions (via e-mail).It was our first "real" dive, we just got our PADI certifications a few weeks earlier and had only dove at a quarry with very poor visibility. Alison was just as advertised, a very friendly and professional Dive Master who is very safety oriented. We felt very comfortable with her and Carlos, the boat Captain. The diving was great; we saw all kind of fishes, lobsters, turtles, etc. It was such a great experience that we are already planning a longer visit to Cozumel to go diving with Alison and Carlos of course. Thanks Alison and Carlos for a great experience!!
Ed and Alex Rodriguez
Lewisville, NC USA - Monday, July 5, 2004

Missy and I were first time ocean divers, certified within the last 2 months. The beach check out dive was perfect for setting us at ease with the surroundings and Alison. The next three days of diving were excellent. Alison and Carlos worked together to see that all of our diving needs were met, from staying safe, to equipment, to food & drinks. We had a great time, and are already planning our next trip. There will be NO other dive master on our list for Cozumel as long as Alison is around. She has set the standard for us.
Bob & Missy Gallant
Cedar Park (Austin), Tx USA - Sunday, June 13, 2004

Oops! May sort of got away from me (we were there the end of April), and I didn't say, "Thanks for such a great time diving!" Newbies that we were/are, Bob and I were somewhat concerned that first day out - for about the first 30 feet. We appreciated your attention to all the details, the easy banter, and the laying of ground rules! We felt totally comfortable on our first "real" dives after our certifications. It was great, and we're already talking about our next trip. Hope to see you next April (at the latest). P.S. We forgot to get our Scuba With Alison t-shirts! Next year!
Sue Bruhn
Mechanicsburg, PA USA - Saturday, June 5, 2004

If you dive Cozumel, you MUST dive with Alison! We dove 6 days in May with her and she is THE BEST! Everything we wanted to see, she knew just where to take us, and she made sure we got a shark on our last dive as requested! She really knows her stuff, and makes you feel right at home in the water. She will give you the freedom to enjoy your dive to the fullest, but be assured, she knows exactly where you are, and is keeping an eye on you. We enjoyed the time visiting on the boat just as much as the time under water with her quick humor, friendly attitude, and always an informative plan about the area. Carlos (our boat driver) was the bomb! Always where we needed him at the right time. We are ready to go back, and when we do, we will never dive with anyone else. The boat is comfortable, not crowded and besides...we got Alison! You will not regret anything about booking with her except that you could never have enough days or time on her boat! Thanks Alison. We hope to see you again soon!
Donna Sutherland
Dixon, Ca USA - Friday, June 4, 2004

STOP!!!!! you found what you were looking for, I know I did. A safety first, hot chic with her own dive operation. All sexest remarks aside, door to door service, the best boat captin on the island (Carlos), and the patience of Sister Teresa. When Alison stops leading dives in Cozumel I'll stop going to Cozumel! Hell, I may stop diving. She will show you the reef up close and personal while other divers drift 20'-0 overhead. If your going to spend the money to go to Cozumel, do yourself a favor, SCUBA WITH ALISON. (red winer)
Stephen Troy Stites
Cowpasture, Oklahoma USA - Thursday, June 3, 2004

Alison, Thank you very much for the wonderful weekend of diving. Again, you exceed the expectation that anyone could ever have from a dive operator. As in your mission statement, the 24 dives we have done with you and Chucho are far beyond the expectation one diver has. Your kindness, your attitude towards safety, patients and caring that each person on the boat has the experience of a lifetime is so refreshing. We appreciate you and your crew for all that they did making our stay in Cozumel a great one. For those of you going to Cozumel, Alison is the best operator that I have been around. You should book your dive trips with her as you will not regret the service, the dive, and the true sense of a great dive operator. See you soon!
David McSwain
Stillwater, OK USA - Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Hi Alison, We just wanted to thank you for the two great dives last week – probably our two best dives to date. Being relatively new divers with only 20 or so dives under our belts, we were very pleased with your attention to detail, your emphasis on safety and your patient attitude. On all of our previous trips to Mexico, we have felt rushed on the dive boats. One in Cancun almost sent Margaret into the water without her air turned on. Luckily, she insisted on checking her equipment before getting in the water. We really appreciated your calm manner and “take-your-time” approach to things. The last minute pre dive equipment checks made us feel much more comfortable than we have in the past. We also greatly appreciated your willingness to let us dive our air and our computers. We have a dilemma in that we love the wall dives, but we also want long bottom times. You let us have both! A huge thank-you to Carlos too. He did a great job as well – picking us up, helping us into the boat, and handling the equipment. Tell him gracias for us. We are extremely glad to have found our preferred dive master for Cozumel, and will definitely be contacting you the next time we can get down there. (Unfortunately, that might be a while.) We will definitely refer people to you at every opportunity and we wish you the best of luck in the future. Until we dive with you again… Regards, Chris & Margaret
Chris & Margaret
Houston, Texas USA - Friday, May 28, 2004

- Awesome! Alison is exactly what is portrayed in these testimonials. I'll confess I was a little concerned after diving with a much larger group, that Alison would be a 'fly by night' operation. She more than lived up to her reputation on being an easy going, relaxed, professional host. You really know how to make diving fun, thank you so much! My advice, Dive With Alison! P.S. Don't forget to try her 'home-made' low fat cookies! Great people on the boat to dive with too! Great to have met you Carlos, Tony, Ken and Judy. See you again. - Jim Garrett and Eric Goertz
Jim Garrett
Grand Junction, CO USA - Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Just returend from our 4th or is it 5th trip diving with Alison. It was great as usual. Alison is very accommodating. We got to our favorite sites Columbia Shallows and Palancar Gardens multiple times. Carlos was his usual helpful and joking self. I really enjoy joking with Carlos and Alison. I highly recommend Alison and especially for new divers. She was completing a certification on one of the days and it was easy to see how at ease the young woman was with Alison. If anyone has questions, feel free to e-mail me.
Ken Coman
Helena, MT USA - Monday, May 3, 2004

Hi Alison, just a quick note to say thank you from Victor, Alex, especially from me. I don't think I will be able to dive again without you. Thanks for holding my hand for the first 15 mins. of the dive, without rushing me to go down, that's really help to reassure me that I can do it. we found out that my mask is definitely leaking, and thanks for pointing it out to me, may be, just may be next time I will not have problem clearing my mask; always thought that was my fault that my mask was full of water. Still planning to return next year, so talk to you soon.
Eva Wong
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Friday, April 16, 2004

Home after 2 weeks of incredible diving with Alison,Chucho and Carlos. Kevin and I appreciated the personilized service we received. Alison always ensured everyone ws safe and happy. It's no wonder she gets called "MOM". Even when I thought I had seen it all, Alison said, "The best is yet to come." She was right! Turtles,eels,sharks,octopi,a staring contest with an eagle ray plus an enormous seahorse! Yeah,Chucho!!! (Loved that white whale.) When it was time to leave it felt like we were leaving friends not a dive operation behind. We highly recommend Scuba with Alison to all levels of divers. You will not come away disappointed. Thank-you for spoiling us, Alison.
Darlene and Kevin
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada - Saturday, April 3, 2004

Dear Alison & Carlos: I want to once again thank you both for a fantastic week of diving. I was soooooo excited about not only seeing my first octupus, but I also got a picture of it. Megan, Erik, Andrew & I love diving with the 2 of you and will never go anywhere else. You make the dives, fun, interesting, safe and entertaining. I do not know how you do it, but you always find the eels, the spotted eagle rays, sharks and everything else that we ask for. I also want to give you a special "thank you" for keeping an extra eye on the Kids. As this was their first dive and I am a nervous Mom, you made me feel alot better because I noticed how much you "watched over them" and I was able to enjoy my dives and not spend the whole time worrying about the kids. Thanks. Hope to see you guys again real soon.
Dyer, Ind USA - Saturday, April 3, 2004

I was reading through the comments page and realized that I probably forgot to post on what a wonderful experience we had diving with Alison. It has been a long time(Dec 2001) ago, but my husband and I were talking about it just yesterday. Alison made our first time diving in Cozumel an experience we will never forget!!! Her kindness was unforgettable!! I can not say enough about her and her wonderful staff...anyone who goes to Cozumel must experience the diving with Alison. She is truly a great lady!!!
Rachel Byrd
Fayetteville, NC USA - Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Hey Alison! Thanks again for five days of excellent diving. I can't believe all the cool creatures we saw. Every dive we went on we saw something extrodinary. Too bad Tut missed the photo opt. on the green Moray Eel. I sent him a picture. Carlos and Chucho did an excellent job!! I hope the Taxi Police didn't come looking for you after I left!!! We will be back!! Thanks, again
Andrew Tolle
Galesburg, IL USA - Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Alison; And another great two weeks of diving and fun (Feb 24-Mar7th). Thank you again!! This year I got to see more Turtles, Sharks and Rays than in all the other trips combined. Three different Rays, Unbelievable! (Eagle, Southern and Yellow) and that big Green Moray was something else, swimming out across the sand like that and me out of film, Lol!! Anyway, it was two weeks to remember as usual. Ed, Gregg and I are already talking about next year and we're thinking late Jan early Feb. Tell Carlos he did another Great job as he always does, with the gear and being "Jonny" on the spot when it's time to pick us up, even in the days the waves were 4 & 5 footers, the guy has an eye of an Eagle. Tell Chucho the extra 3ft he added to boat really worked will, lots of room now and thank him for me, for the great deep dive to the "Devils Throat", I swear the guy could fine a niddle in a hay stack, he found the "Scorpionfish", Whoa! Thanks again Alison, hope to see you next Jan. and dive safe, we miss ya and our beloved Cozumel. -Tut
Terry (Tut) Curtis
Walker, MN USA - Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Alison, I said that I would post I have been thinking of things to put down,there are so many. What sticks in my mind is how you make everybody feel like family. I thought that after my 1st dive on Feb 9 with You, Chip, Cathy, Clark, Clark we had such a great time because of the way you presented yourself, even with most of these people had dove with you in prior years. Like all the other postings your upmost concern is safety and the dive itself to make sure all had a gopod time. This was my first time diving in Cozumel and I know for a fact that I would not dive with another dive shop. The next dive that I made was Thur Feb12 this was when I really felt like a belonged to a family, I dove again with you, Chip, Cathy, Evette, Todd, and Mom I know now where you get your friendly nature and awsome outlook on life. I can't forget Carlos he was great he laughed so hard when I handed him my flippers and dumped alot of water back in my face. Alison, again thanks so very much for a great,great,great time. If I am down in Cozumel again we will for sure get together to make more dives.
Tom Quist
brooklyn center, USA - Thursday, March 11, 2004

My son ansd I have dove with Alison 2 times so far with many more dive to come. I cannot say enough about the comfort level we feel with Alison, Chucho, and Carlos at the helm. Everything is taken care of, including putting on your tanks making sure you are ready and sheparding you through your dive. There is no better experience than going with a small fast boat with caring instructors/ dive partners than Alison and gang. They seem to love their job as much as we love being with them. We dove with the military dive shop (Dive plancar) , never again!!!!
Jennifer Blair
Monte Sereno, CA USA - Saturday, February 28, 2004

Hola Alison Just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and Chucho for such a great diving experience on Feb 4th. All those Kansas flatlanders had a wonderful time in the water. All your crew were very kind and helpful. A special thanks from my wife Deby to Chucho for helping her in the water and making her dive a very memorable one. The water was great, the snacks and pop were great, your crew were great, and everyone just had a great time, its all we talked about for several days. Definitly The highlight of our Cruise. We are already talking about a return trip in the future. Fred (the other male diver) and I are even throwing the idea around of flying in to Cozumel and staying in a hotel for a few days or some such thing in the future, so we can do some serious diving. Maybe if we get serious about it I can contact you and get some references and suggestions on what airlines to fly, where to stay and eat and things like that, but thats down the road a ways. Either way, by Air or by Sea, we plan to return soon hopefully. We will Scuba with Alison again. Well gotta scoot and I know you have blue water to explore. Thanks again, Gary Taylor
Gary & Deby Taylor
Wichita, Kansas USA - Saturday, February 21, 2004

We were talking about our trip the other day when we realized we had not posted our comments from our Cozumel trip in Oct 2003. But, because we had such a wonderful time diving with Alison, we figured we had better get to it. We were diving with Alison, Carlos and Chucho(the Fish) from Oct23-Oct31 2003. Because of Alison's attention to detail concerning safety, preparedness, dive site choice and the personal attention given to each diver,the week was a complete joy. We were never put in any situation beyond our abilities or skill level, nor was our safety ever put in jeapordy. The diving was absolutely spectacular.....and with Alison's knack of finding the small critters, I'm sure we were able to see things that we would not have been able to see if we had dived with another OP. We will never dive with anyone else while in Cozumel and we look forward to our future experiences diving with Alison. Thanks for the great diving and good times Alison!!!! Thomas Rogers and Leann Martin
Thomas Rogers and Leann Martin
Fort Worth, Texas USA - Friday, February 6, 2004

Dear Alison & Carlos: You guys did it again. Another great, fantastic, terrific week (Jan. 10 - 17, 2004) of diving. I can not believe how much we saw. Lobsters, crabs, sharks, eels, turles, octupus and etc, it was unbelievable. I think Andrew and I had a week of diving that we will never be able to top. I am still on cloud nine. As far was we are concerned there is only one dive shop in all of Cozumel. We are coming back in March with our newly certified daughter and I would not trust her safety with anybody but you and Carlos. Andrew and I can't wait until March. Patti & Andrew Patti & Andrew Nowaczyk
Dyer, Ind USA - Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Well Melissa and I are back in the frozen tundra of Central New York after a 7 day cruise with Royal Caribbean. Without question, the highlight of our trip was the time (Too Short) we spent with Alison. The small group dive experiance was much better than the two other dives we did at other ports with large boats that carried 16 and 18 divers. Alison is committed to a memorable and safe dive experiance. He personal attention to her customers was outstanding. Her "little boat", as she refers to it, was very comfortable. And the captain, Carlos, was right there after the drift dives. Carlos and Alison made our time with them very enjoyable. We look forward to our next vacation - A week in Cozumel diving with Carlos and Alison! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Mark and Melissa
Mark and Melissa Marzullo
North Syracuse, New York USA - Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Over Christmas break my family and I had the pleasure of diving with Alison for 3 days. Thank God that we found her instead of diving with Dive Palancar at Allegro Resort. The care, small number of people and her expertice made all the difference in the world. Anyone diving in Cozumel without going with Alison would be making a mistake.
Fred Herman
Granite Bay, Ca USA - Monday, January 12, 2004

My family has dived with various dive shops in Cozumel over the years. We have had some descent experiences, but also some horrible ones. We were going on a Christmas cruise and we had a one day stopover in Cozumel and decided to give Alison a try. It was the best diving decision I ever made. She and her crew are marvelous and they bent over backwards to make our dives an enjoyable experience. We are now planning to book a week at Cozumel and plan on diving with Alison everyday that weather permits. She is fabulous and you can email me privately at bigzeke@yahoo.com if you would like further testimony. Many thanks to Alison & crew!
Jerry Galasso
Saint Augustine, Florida USA - Friday, January 2, 2004

I have been for my first time in Cozumel during Nov.30 to Dec.7, 2003 and did all my diving with Alison, Carlos and Chucho. I must say that Alison is really a nice person, very friendly but at the same time taking the diving activities very seriuosly with permanent attention to safety. She would not let any diver to feel they are not closely watched, will always monitor your air and won't let you ascend without doing a safety stop. At the same time she will let you enjoy your bottom time according to your computer and remaining air, even if she has to take the divers out, couple by couple. Chucho, her divemaster when having more than one boat, is excellent too. Friendly and helpful, an expert in spotting things to see.. will not miss any lobster, king crab or splendid toadfish during a night dive... I enjoyed 5 days of diving for 11 tanks. Could have done 2 more days if it wasn't for the "nortes" which kept the port closed. I can definitvely recommend Alison and her crew... and I will come back on Carnaval week... (last week of February 2004). Gracias Alison, Carlos y chucho por los magnificos buceos!
Peter Sinclaire
Santiago, Chile - Tuesday, December 23, 2003

In November I was in Cozumel, diving with Alison again for 2 weeks. November was not the best time of the year but with a little bit of luck almost all dives were great; over 50 dolphins at Santa Rosa Shallow, vis-a-vis encounter with a huge nurse shark at Columbia Deep, sightings of eagle rays in half of the dives plus plenty of moray eels, turtles, lobsters etc. For almost all of us, there is no great diving without an experienced and caring dive leader who cares about our safety as much as we do, and wants to find those beautiful creatures down there even more eagerly than we do. Alison must love diving a lot and enjoy her job very much to bring out that enthusiasm in its entirety, which makes her a Divemaster in a class of her own. I have dived in numerous exotic places in different parts of the world, but diving with Alison in Cozumel is always my first choice. Thanks Alison and have a Merry Christmas!
Tony Man
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Another wonderful experience with Alison and Carlos. We had great diving( December 8-13) and great company. We had the same people on the boat all week and they had similar interests in diving and dive sites. We did long, slow, shallow dives with lots of fish for great photo opportunities. Jay and Kenna and John and Betty were the other divers and were great to dive with. As always Alison and Carlos were great and very accommodating. We're already planning a return trip for April or May. Feel free to email me with any questions. Ken
Ken Coman
Helena , MT USA - Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I just returned from a "resort dive" with Alison on Dec. 5th. There were three of us on our first ever dive. My son and I have both taken the classroom sessions, but had never done an open water dive and my wife has never gone beyond snorkeling. We all loved our experience and would recommend Alison to anyone interested in a safe scuba trip. This is a great shore tour for you cruise ship folks, book early and often.
Mike Bigelow
Eugene, OR USA - Thursday, December 11, 2003

Third year in a row diving with Alison in Cozumel - we simply will not use any other dive operator when diving Cozumel. Staying on the mainland and experiencing other 2nd rate dive operators for Playa Del Carmen reefs this year proved this point even more, where we dealt with unsafe boat operations, long wait pickups, no water on SIs and rookie Divemasters - if you want a safe dive with an experienced divemaser who delivers a first-class crew, boat and operation, dive with Alison. See you soon, Dave & Dani
Dave & Dani Ferretti
Danville, CA USA - Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Just got back from our 3rd cruise with Royal Carribean. Our last 2 dives on our previous cruises were booked on board the ship and they were terrible. We decided to book with Alison 2 weeks prior to our 3rd cruise and let me tell you IT WAS GREAT. I highly recommend her, very personal diving experience. Thanks so much for the good time, see you in the spring.
Chuck and Melissa Weyer
Chicago, Illinois USA - Thursday, November 27, 2003

Just got back from a Royal Caribbean cruise. We loved being on the Brilliance of the Seas, but by far the best part of our trip was our one day of diving with Alison. She's great, helped my wife with bouancy and just made the whole deal personal. Thanks for the great day Alison and Carlos. We'll definitely be trying to come back for a whole week of diving next time! For those of you wondering, don't go with the cruise ship dive trips, go with Alison!
Jim Harry <Jim Harry> <jim@harryfamily.com>
Suwanee, GA USA - Sunday, November 16, 2003

I can't say enough positive things about our experience with Alison. We did a resort course with her on October 15th. It was awesome. Alison is a wonderful person and a great instructor. She keeps things light, but when it came to safety, there was no joking around. My wife was a bit nervous but within minutes of being in the water had no concerns at all. Having done a resort course through a cruise line in the past (also on Cozumel)I can say that diving with Alison is far superior to the large classes. The personal attention and small group (there were only 4 of us) afforded us twice the water time that I had during my last resort dive, for less money. Alison's excellent e-mail communication was also a plus. She answered every question quickly and honestly...very comforting when you are dealing with someone you discover on the internet! Thanks again Alison for a wonderful time, it was clearly the highlight of our vacation. Feel free to e-mail me if you are considering Alison and want a personal reference, not that she needs any more!!!!
Ted Kenny
Montgomery, AL USA - Wednesday, October 22, 2003

We just returned from Cozumel after a great weekend of diving. Alison made sure we enjoyed every moment in the water. She is a terrific person, as well as being very talented. She knows where the critters are! We will always choose Alison when we are in Cozumel. Thanks again for a great trip!
Maurice and Kathye Carpenter
Sugar Land, Texas USA - Wednesday, October 15, 2003

You will not go wrong if you dive with Alison! My husband and another couple dived 2 consecutive days with this WAY COOL woman, and we all agree, Alison made diving the way it should be... relaxed, fun and comfortable! She and her crew are friendly and warm, are attentive to detail, and they care about your scuba safety. Forget those impersonal large dive operations, go with Alison! We'll be back to dive with her, not to mention we've already been telling all our friends! Feel free to email me for more Alison raving! Cheers! Chau, Todd, Angeline and Kevin! chau99@aol.com
chau nguyen albright
houston, texas USA - Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Hi Alison! Just wanted to say thanks for the great two days of diving last week. Although it was too short, it was enough to remind me and Fred how much we LOVE to dive! After a 7 year diving respite, we had forgotten how amazing we find each and every dive, and how we are able to do it together...equally! Thanks for the kind words about my first dive and the leaky mask I had. (And more thanks for your concern and assistance in that dive!) If anyone is thinking about booking a dive trip and wants a personal recommendation, please give them my e-mail- I am happy to talk to them about our WONDERFUL experience with you! We WILL be back! Maybe for the girls trip in late October we spoke about. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
Crissy Rumford <Crissy Rumford> <skirumford@aol.com>
Vail, Co. USA - Monday, September 1, 2003

ATTENTION ALL DIVERS Alison is one dive operator you have got to try!!! Great boat, great boat captains (Carlos and Christian) and Chucho, the granddaddy divematser of them all. Small personalized service with a smile. And to top it all off Alison is HOT. My friend and I dove 18 times during the week and every dive was as exciting and fun as the one before. These guys know what they are doing. Personally I will never dive with anyone else on the island, I won't even look for another dive operator. SCUBA WITH ALISON! The boys from Oklahoma.
Stephen Troy Stites
Blanchard, Ok USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Hi Alison: In the last 3 years, since getting certified by Alison -- I have made 40 dives; AND 39 of those dives have been with Alison. It has been about 3 months since my last trip to Cozumel; and I start getting the fever again. So, I log-on to your web site Alison and immerse myself with pictures, your recent dive log, etc. Hope to be back soon. Thanks for all the memories. Hola to Carlos. Patty from Minnesota!
Patty Craig
Shorewood, MN USA - Thursday, August 14, 2003

Hi Alison- Sorry it's taken me so long to write & say thank you for wonderful diving, June 27-July 3. I've been diving in Cozumel for 21 years & your organization is the best I've experienced. The staff exhibits the perfect blend of professionalism, enthusiasm & fun. Chucho is an exceptional dive guide; ever watchful & yet allowing us the freedom to explore. He did a terrific job balancing the dive for all the experience levels that were out with us on various dives, gently guiding an out of air novice to the surface, while allowing us old timers to continue. Charlie is such a capable boat capitan & was always helpful & cheerful, even when dealing with our 2 young sons who were along for the ride. Bruce was thrilled to have his night dive barracuda incident mentioned in your dive log. It's obvious that y'all love what you do & we love diving with you as a result. We'll be in touch next time we're headed down your way. Hopefully very soon!!
Cilla McKinley
San Antonio, Texas USA - Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Hey Alison, thanks for a "great" five days of diving, and two days of snorkeling for my wife Shelly. This was my first time diving after getting certified. You made diving with you really easy, and very exciting. After seeing sharks, eels, turtles, sting rays, grouper, and octopus on the night dive. I am thoroughly hooked on the sport of diving because you and Carlos made things so easy. If you see Jerry Payne from Richmond VA, please tell him hello. Again, thanks for everything.
Randy Ford
Littleton, Colorado USA - Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Just got back from several days of diving with Alison. Like everyone else, I, a classic "nervous nellie" diver, had a fabulous time. Alison was super-patient, and seemed to know exactly what I was ready for, so that before I knew it, I was swimming through coral tunnels, looking for sharks (we saw one!), and going on my first night dive - and having a great time! Not only is Alison a fantastic dive master, but the folks who wind up on her boat are also loads of fun. Here's hoping that we make it back again soon!
alicia andrae
scottsdale, az USA - Monday, July 7, 2003

Dear Alison, Thanks again for not only a great week of diving but especially for completing Laura's certification and ensuring that she had a great first-time open water experience. As usual, YOU ARE THE BEST!! See you as soon as we can get down there again. Paul
Paul Mila
Carle Place, New York USA - Friday, June 20, 2003

Here's a divemaster who "gets it". True attention to detail, an honest and obvious effort to see that you get the kind of dive you want. No cattle boat tactics. These are small groups and relaxing dives with great attention paid to the sea life and great conversation on the surface intervals. I could not have asked for more and on my next trip to Coz you will find me seated in the boat with Alison and Carlos!
Bob MIller
Portland, Oregon USA - Friday, June 13, 2003

Alison, It was as usual fantastic diving with you and Carlos the week of June 23. I love all the personal attention you give to your divers and you guys real make diving fun. I can not imagine diving with anyone else but you two. Say Hi to Roman & Eve for Andrew and I. We are already taking about the next trip. Love, Patti
Dyer, Indiana USA - Tuesday, June 3, 2003

We just returned from our third dive trip with Alison. We were diving May 12-17 and enjoyed the diving and Alison and Carlos. Alison is very accommodating and really wants to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. We love Columbia Shallows and Palancar Gardens and she made sure we got to both more than once. I am already contemplating a December trip. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me. Ken
Ken Coman
Helena, MT USA - Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Alison, thanks for making this our best family vacation ever. As you said in our email communications-we had a pretty diverse group. Ages 12 up to, well let's just say very adult. Three with referrals to get certified. Some fearless and some more timid. Some organized and some discombobulated. And in your calm, enthusiastic, helpful, delightful manner, you managed to meet everyone's needs. As the mother in this family I appreciated the fact that I could relax and enjoy the diving and the weather and you and Chucho. I also know how much effort it takes to meet all those needs. Thanks. WE'LL BE BACK!
Ruth Lerman
West Bloomfield, MI USA - Wednesday, March 26, 2003

..Alison...what a two weeks Feb 24-Mar 10th was!...You are the one Girl!

How you do what you do is beyond me. Thank you for making this a vacation that will definitely go down as one of our best. I know John and I were a pain in the butt with our lagging behind, wanting to get that perfect photo but you had the patience of a saint. I've been on other dive boats that would drop you off right in the middle of the crowds but you and Carlos always seem to find that little place that we could call our own and have the reef and critters to ourselves. All 16 dives were great but one that stands out was when we called you the night before our dive and asked if you could take 8 of us and pick us up at the Allegro, cause we had bought day passes there, you showed up with "Big Blue" and Amanda as our 2nd DM.

That was only the second time that I've dove from a Big Boat and we all had a ball, not to many dive ops would go to that much trouble, they would either put the group on 2 small boats or put you on a cattle Boat, I guess that's why you're so special, you go that extra mile and we love ya for it. We're all looking forward to next winter around Carnival. I know John will be back a couple of times before then, the lucky stiff, but I will have to wait til then. Thank you again, Miss you and wish I was there diving right now. ......Oh, one thing, did you find my "Dog Leash" anywhere? Lol! Muchas gracias; Tut
Terry (Tut) & Debbie Curtis
Walker, Minnesota USA - Tuesday, March 25, 2003

My husband Jim and I found Alison on the internet. I was a little apprehensive at first, being she had just the one boat and all. But I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. We dove with Alison for 3 dives and her partner Chucho (SP?) for the rest - 9 dives in all. Great customized service. They set up and tear down the gear. Carlos (the captain) is very helpful getting you back in the boat. They ask you what you want to see, and they usually deliver (of course no money back guarantee). We will definately Scuba with Alison again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Sherri Rommuno
<sherri6193@aol.com >
Cenntenial , co USA - Saturday, March 22, 2003

Alison: Just wanted to thank you once again for making our diving vacation unforgettable. We can not even imagine diving with anyone else but you. We hope we will be able to dive again with you soon.
Patti & Andrew
Dyer, Ind USA - Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Met and dove with Allison just when Allegro resort opened back in the early 90's. Antonio just opened the dive shop and him being my best friend for many years, laways gave me and all of my guest the VIP treatment to everyone. Dove with Allison every year and she was never the same after the Miami Boys left the resort. She was always nice enough and gave some of us a ride back into town in her VW. I will post a picture later on of her and me underwater. She's a great person and a great instructor, even though us locos boys as she stated, showed her a few things about and what not to do while diving. She's proably thinking of who i'm now but the old pictures will follow on a later date. See ya in june 2003. the boys will be back... lol Frank
Bigdaddy Frank
miami, fl USA - Monday, February 03, 2003

I just returned from a week of diving with Alison and I can't say enough. I got to Cozumel with 12 dives experience, an advanced open water c-card and never having dived in salt water or current before. I was a little nervous. Alison took the time to make sure we were completely safe; it was very reassuring to see her hovering over my shoulder all the time. In the course of eight dives, I saw incredible things: barracuda, hawksbill turtles, nurse sharks, black groupers, king crabs, many, many lobsters and conch, moray eels, stingrays, a giant eagle ray and a dazzling array of corals and reef fish. By the end of the week, I was completely comfortable diving and was always assured that Alison was looking out for my safety and trying to show us the best Cozumel had to offer. The other divers in my group, which never exceeded six people, had more experience and roamed a little more freely. Alison had something for all of us. I'm already planning my next trip with her.
Pete Wasson
Wausau, WI USA - Sunday, February 02, 2003

Alison, Thanks again for the AWESOME diving experience January 22nd and 23rd. It was by far the best diving I've done. The shark and 8 ft stingray were all a first for me. Your charming personality, small groups, and the waters of Cozumel add up to a quality diving experience. I will definitely be back! Larry
Larry Williams
Charlotte, NC USA - Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Hi Alison, Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the GREAT dives we had over the New Year's holiday. As a fellow dive professional, I really appreciated the "personal" service you specialize in. Although this was my 6th trip to Cozumel, I'm never bored with diving there, and the fact that we dove with such a small group made the diving even more pleasurable. I'm sure I speak for John and Karin when I say, "We'll be back".
Greg Battaglia <Greg Battaglia, PADI MSDT (Emeritus)> <train@mdt-agilityability.com>
Sparks, NV USA - Monday, January 13, 2003

Alison, Another excellent week of diving during thanksgiving - thanks again! We love your personal attention, safety-first attitude and fun personality! Working on getting Amy and Kaity certified for next year and they will open water with you. Thanks again to your great staff - Gorilla and Carlos are the best! see you next year, Dave & Dani Ferretti
Dave & Dani Ferretti
Danville, CA USA - Saturday, December 28, 2002

We were diving with Alison December 5-11 and enjoyed it. She, Carlos and Manuel seem like friends after two trips. We had great dives even though the weather and visibility were not up to Coz standards. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants personalized diving. Ken
Ken Coman
Helena, MT USA - Monday, December 16, 2002

Be there March 1, see you soon---Lee
Lee R Jones
Sterling Hts., Mi USA - Monday, November 25, 2002

Hi Alison: I spent time diving with you in January of 2002, and was very impressed with your guidance and support since I am a fairly new diver. We are coming back in November and my first thought was, great I can dive with Alison again! Can't wait to go back to Devil's Throat!! See you soon. Virve Kukk, Whitby,ON. Canada
Virve Kukk
Whitby, Ontario Canada - Sunday, November 03, 2002

Hello Alison. Just checking out your web site, too cool. I also grew up in N.Calif Sunnyvale,small world. Ive moved down to San diego and started the first 6 pac dive boat in California. 1980. we had a 38 foot and a 42 foot. In 1993 I sold the business and moved to Houston going to work for Continental. Were I now run the dive club for our employees. Its a tough job fly and dive. If you could email me some prices were comming back in March. Thanks again Paul Harshman Work hard/ Dive Easy Continental Airlines.
Paul Harshman <Paul Harshman> <phdiver1@yahoo.com>
houston, tx USA - Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Dear Alison, looking at your beautiful shell and my pictures, while outside it's cold and stormy weather, I want to thank you for a wonderful week of diving. The underwater naturalist course and diving with you show your love for the underwater world and I loved experiencing it with you and the other divers. You make us divers feel safe in the water and that way I can enjoy diving even more. Thank you, love Ankie
Ankie Stiasny<Ankiestiasny @hotmail.com>
Amstelveen, Amstelveen the Netherlands - Sunday, October 27, 2002

Hi Alison, Couldn't resist signing your guestbook again. What can I say? You provided another great week of diving for all of us. Your Underwater Naturalist Course was great, but then again every dive with you is an underwater education. You are the best! See you next year, as soon as I can swing it. Paul Mila
Paul Mila
Carle Place, NY USA - Saturday, October 26, 2002

I was certified in Toronto, Canada in June 1999, but I was not skilful and confident enough to go diving. On November 28 of the same year I travelled to Cozumel and met Alison there, when she was still working with Dive Palancar at Allegro Resort. Alison taught me how to dive almost all over again. In August 2000 Alison also helped me finish my internship to become a Padi Divemaster, and since then I have been enjoying diving in different parts of the world. In December 2001, just one week before I turned 57, I became a Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor. With Alison, it is more than just diving, it is also about having our dreams come true one after another. I congratulate all the lucky divers also educated, affected and certified by Alison, and wish that these buddies whom I have yet to meet, will enjoy diving as much as I do. Tony Man, Toronto OWSI #208069
Tony Man
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Hey Alison!!!Still beaming about our first dive experience!!! Andre and I enjoyed it so much and you are a great teacher! We will definitely be back to see you and the beautiful reefs of Cozumel! Thanks a bunch!
Tessa Guevara
Arlington, Texas USA - Saturday, September 14, 2002

I want to be like you! Diving with an independent and experienced instructor is a great way to learn. Alison sounds like a great instructor and most importantly is highly motivated and enjoys diving. Good luck to you!
Jamie Monk <Jamie Monk> <jamie@sunrise-divers.com>
Karon Beach, Phuket Thailand - Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 05:22 AM (EDT)

Hey Alison! Wow, what amazing diving! Todd and I had a blast with you (photos are still being developed...we've been lazy). You really did spoil us and made things so comfortable and easy. I told Todd I wanted to take you on all of our dive trips! Our first night dive with you renders me speechless and I'm sure nothing will ever compare to those gigantic green eels! John, you missed a great dive! By the way, Todd and I got engaged on Tuesday 8/27 at Playa San Martin playing around in the water...how appropriate! Thanks again for such a great time!
Kristy and Todd
Los Angeles, CA USA - Friday, September 13, 2002 at 05:35 PM (EDT)

Hey Kid! You hooked me full line and sinker. I had a great time and enjoyed our dives. John did good and I told him so. I can't believe that I've known of you & Nick F. all these years and yet didn't know you. John & I are looking forward to diving again with you this coming Feb and March. Thanks for the pics, I am a good looking guy ain't I? Ha!!! Don't know if this will work, but going to try:

and..then came John... "Hers's looking at you Kid!....
(Tut) Terry
Walker, Minnesota USA - Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 08:49 PM (EDT)

Alison: We all had a wonderful time diving with you on July 5th. Our dives with you were only our second time in open water since certification. You were considerate of our capabilities and made the morning dives so enjoyable that we did not hesitate to accept your offer to take us on a night dive. That was an incredible experience. It's obvious that you love what you're doing. We hope to return to Cozumel soon. When we do, we will definitely call you.
Joe Fraim (Fraim Family)
Downingtown, Pa USA - Saturday, September 07, 2002 at 01:54 PM (EDT)

We're coming back to Allegro in Cozumel in February. Last two trips were Nov 97 and Sept 99. Dove with Dive Palancar and loved the operation. Looking for updates and checking to see if we want to try another dive operator.
Bill White
Antioch, IL USA - Friday, September 06, 2002 at 10:52 PM (EDT)

Vail, Co. USA - Monday, August 26, 2002 at 06:18 PM (EDT)

alisons a great person and is great to dive with. she taught me how to dive and i had a great time i hope ill go back!
beau silva
mammoth lakes, CA USA - Saturday, August 24, 2002 at 10:58 PM (EDT)

Alison, Thank you so much for the wonderful diving. We love coming to Cozumel and diving, but diving with you and your staff made for the best trip we have ever had. We are looking forward to getting back there as soon as we can. Words just can't explain the thrill we got. It was by far the most relaxing and fun vacation we have had. Again thank you all so much. Hope to see you soon. JOE and KIM
Joe and Kim
Austin, tx USA - Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 12:14 PM (EDT)

I and my friends were most comfortable with your instructions and supervision. You did a great job. I'm available for questions from any potential divers considering your services. We hope to see you again next summer.
David Hardy
Reno, Nevada USA - Sunday, August 18, 2002 at 07:35 PM (EDT)

Thanks so much, Alison, for a wonderful week of diving. It's no wonder that your other guests were return visitors, and I hope to be a returner myself as soon as I can. When I asked for a chance to see my first octopus I had no idea you'd find so many I'd lose count. And I was also very impressed by the perfect weather you arranged. Hope to see you again soon!
Allen Shulman
Marietta, Georgia USA - Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 11:30 PM (EDT)

Looking forward to seeing you again and going diving.
Jim & Myra Lee
San Antonio, Texas USA - Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 10:41 PM (EDT)

I found your website very interesting and am planning a trip to cozumel in the fall of 2002. Would be interested in setting up a couple of dives once I know the dates. DM
David McSwain
Stillwater, Oklahoma USA - Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 10:27 PM (EDT)

Alison, Here's a note for your guestbook. We really enjoyed diving with you as you made our first dives since "training" very comfortable. It was also very nice meeting your crew as well as other guests. Sorry about going a little deep on that first dive! Thanks for making our 25th anniversary a very memorable occasion. Mike & Cynthia
Mike Whitten
Antelope, CA USA - Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at 06:17 PM (EDT)

Hi, We are coming on the Carnival Cruise this June!!!! We hope to see you
Hanna Bettis
Atlanta, Georgia USA - Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 08:27 AM (EDT)

Your web page is not only VERY well done, but really enjoyable! It is easy to see why you have such a vast amount of repeat customers, and through their word of mouth, tons of new clients! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!
Cozumel - Monday, May 13, 2002 at 12:45 PM (EDT)

Alison, Thankyou so much for taking me through my referral. I will never forget those first dives, the great care you took and the fun we had. Thanks also for the great dives at Palancar Gardens and the French Reef you led for Mark, Jim and I. (Mark's wedding went beautifully by the way!) You really helped create some great memories for me and my family. Hi to Paul and Nancy....it was Jim's snorkel...thanks for bringing it over. We will definitely be back soon and look forward to diving with you again. Kind regards Ed
Edward Brown
London, United Kingdom - Monday, May 13, 2002

Alison, How do I begin to thank you for the FABULOUS time I had diving with you. Your love for the water and for people was evident every day I saw you. Whether you were teaching the resort course for my sister or 130 feet down on Santa Rosa's Wall, you were just amazing. There is not a day that goes by that I do not catch myself daydreaming of our dives (usually while I am at work). The care which you, Chucho, Manuel and Carlos took of my gear and I was phenomenal. Thank you so much, and I look forward to diving with you again.
Mike Snider
Raleigh, NC USA - Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Thanks for a week of great diving. You, Manuel and Carlos were great. We look forward to diving with you in December.
Ken Coman
Helena, MT USA - Monday, May 06, 2002

Hola Alison, We had a great family dive trip. You were great with my kids, Luke and Hope.
Craig E. Nutting
Winter Park, CO USA - Sunday, May 05, 2002

Dear Alison: Thanks for an outstanding vacation. The wonderful comments of other people do not begin to do justice to yourself, Chucho and the guys. Every dive ws a great experience. We appreciated the fact you didn't make the whole group come up when the first person ran low on air. The warm and personal service was an unexpected surprise. The only problem is that you have spoiled us for any other dive operation. We look forward to returning to Cozumel is only to see you again. Best wishes, Kert and Erika Sabbath
Kert Sabbath
New Haven, CT USA - Saturday, May 04, 2002

Hola Alison, Thank you for once again taking great care of my open-water referral students. Having someone of your professionalism to refer students, and certified divers, to is fantastic. You committment to individualized attention and customer service is greatly appreciated. I look forward to a long relationship with your company. Best personal regards.
<Michael J. Bumann PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer> <michaelbumann@hotmail.com>
Evergeen, CO USA - Friday, May 03, 2002

Hi Alison, thank you so much for the wonderful time we have diving with you. You've made it so easy for me to relax after the first shore dive, even with the strong current during the second dive, I felt comfortable enough not to panic. Wendy and Bill both said you are the best dive master that they have encountered. We are planning our next trip already and will talk to you soon.
Eva Wong
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Friday, March 29, 2002

Hey Alison - Just wanted to thank you for running such a first-rate dive operation. I had a fabulous time diving with you. Chucho, Manuel and Carlos took such good care of me and my gear on the boat, and each trip out to the reefs was a lot of fun. You make people feel welcome and at ease - whether they are new divers or seasoned ones. And I will never forget the champagne you surprised me with after my 100th dive. Very special. I will continue to recommend you as my #1 choice for dive operator in Cozumel - and I'll see you in 6 months or so!
Susan McClain
Minneapolis, MN USA - Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Hola Alison, Greetings from the arctic wasteland! It was definitely a winter to remember. I can't thank you enough for all the fun times! You were an awesome dive guide and your crew was excellent as well. Kudos to the boys for always being there to lift the heavy stuff! Don't forget where those rascal seahorses live- I intend to see them next time I'm down. If you ever want to investigate ice diving maybe we can work out some sort of cultural exchange program -Ha Ha!! Can't wait to dive with ya again. A thousand thank you's, Nicki Linder
Nicki Linder
Lakeville, MN USA - Thursday, March 21, 2002

Hi Alison, I can't thank you enough for the great time I had diving with you on Feb 20th & 21st. Your refresher dive was exactly what I needed after not having dived for 12 years. I immediately felt confidence in your ability to guide me into that beautiful undersea world. Diving the next day with Michelle, Kevin, Susan, Nicki, Jason, and your mom was a day I'll never forget. I was especially awed when I turned back to look at the rest of the group as they explored while drifting behind me. I felt this really unique sensation, almost as if we were all drifting in space together. I was whelmed; in fact, I was overwhelmed! My regards to all of those fine people, and to you and your team.
Mike Seat
Leesburg, VA USA - Sunday, March 10, 2002

Alison.... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! Our cruise to Cozumel (2/13) was a blast, mostly because of our time diving with you. Jimmy is still talking about seeing the 5 sharks! (of course the sharks get larger every time he tells the story!lol! given time they may be man-eating!) Next year we are planning to forego the cruise and fly directly to Cozumel and stay for a week! By far the BEST time we had all week was with you and your crew! Also, thanks for your patience with me during my resort course. Maybe next time I will be able to dive with you guys instead of hanging out on the boat with the guys! A thousand thanks! Lauri & Jimmy Boyett
BLANCHARD, OK USA - Monday, March 04, 2002

I LOVE THE WEB SITE! I thought that you did an incredible job of creating this webpage...if I were to describe it in one word it would be "awesome". The pictures are absolutly incredible. You can only say so much with words, and with your huge collection of pictures, you can really see what you experienced, and it allows viewers to truly see what diving in Cozumel is like. I have been diving there, and it is absolutly amazing. I'm really ecstatic that you made a website just for this incredible and unforgetable dive location.
Amanda Cunningham
Calgary, Alberta CANADA - Saturday, February 23, 2002

Hola Alison, We just wanted to tell you, once again, how much we enjoyed diving with you during the week of February 10, 2002. We are already looking forward to diving with you again. We are telling everybody that if they want to dive with the best in Cozumel, that they have to contact you. We appreciate all the time and effort you and your team put in to make sure that each and every one of our dives were successful, safe and fun. We still cannot believe the coincidence of us coming a full month earlier than normal and bumping into Rich & Elaine, who you certified us with 3 years ago. We also can't get over all of the different marine life you found for us. Thanks again for the best diving that we have experienced. Love, Patti & Andrew Nowaczyk
Patti & Andrew Nowaczyk <Andrew.Nowaczyk@prodigy.net>
Dyer, Ind. USA - Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Hi Alison. Thanks for the super job Feb. 12-15. You were great at getting us into sites with minimal current. We saw everything we could have hoped for and more. We'll see you again next year. All the best. Rich and Elaine
Rich Cole
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Tuesday, February 19, 2002

A big thank you Alison for having the right stuff. My dives with you were not only the best introduction to the beautiful aquatic life around Cozumel but I was challenged yet comfortable. You definitely have the right balance of safety and fun. The diving instructors I have been with in the past don’t hold a candle to your talents. I certainly will recommend all friends and travelers to you. With all your reassurances of how friendly the fish are, I still have to work on getting along with Barracuda. But I am looking at a nice dive skin with stainless steel mesh, that might make me a bit more at home with them. ;-) LOL All the very best and hope to see ya soon Joe Monteleone, Rifle Colorado
Joe Monteleone
Rifle, CO USA - Tuesday, February 12, 2002

I certainly hit a home run choosing Alison as Dive Master for the week. After a 30 year leave from diving I arrived saturday pm and had refresher with Alison after showing her my dusty old NASDS card. Proceded to put in 9 more dives that week. See-Rays yes we did. Lots of eagle rays, and even a hammerhead shark. Wow. Still amazed at fish I saw. Thanks for a great week of diving. Say hi to Steve and girls for me.
Jim Stewart
Kingsville, Ontario Canada - Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Hi Allison...We miss you. Are coming down very soon. Sharon & Mike
Crandall, Tx USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002

Alison - Thanks for a great time diving Cozumel for newly certified divers! Your patience, flexibility and expertise made for an enjoyable and fun week for Dani and I. Having certified with my 12-year old daughter, I wanted her to have an easy and low stress experience. Turns out I was the stress-out! Dani accused me of "sucking too much air" requiring her to surface sooner than she wanted. Alison - we will see you, Gorilla and the rest of the crew again in November! regards, Dave and Dani
Dave & Danielle Ferretti
Danville, CA USA - Saturday, January 05, 2002

Hola Alison! Enjoyed diving with you on 2 separate trips during 2001. Because of you I can look forward to more diving in the future. Lots of nice reviews about ScubawithAlison on the internet. Keep up the great work!
Nick Feller
Englewood, CO USA - Saturday, December 15, 2001

Alison - WOW! What an experience! You helped make our trip absolutely unforgetable. I could not have asked for a better or more patient instructor to finish my certification. We will definitely be back to dive with you, and we're already spreading the word to other Minnesota divers. Hi to all those we met from 11/23/01 to 12/3/01. CJ & Vince Lupo
CJ & Vince Lupo
Lakeville, MN USA - Monday, December 10, 2001

Alison, we had a fabulous time diving with you during our short time in Cozumel. The weather was great and we were lucky to get in 7 dives for me and 8 for Steve. You helped make our trip very exciting! Glad we got the chance to meet you and dive with you. Hello to all the other divers we met on November 27, 28 & 29! Hope to see you next year or sooner, Alison!! Thanks again, Jacque and Steve Clifton
Jacque and Steve Clifton
Rose Hill, KS USA - Monday, December 03, 2001



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